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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book Review

It is a chilly 48 degrees here on the coast. The water is gone and things are drying up.
I received this as a gift the other day:

I had this on my wish list knowing that it was mostly about food. It covers the aspect of storing food very thoroughly and I will stress again, after reading this book and a couple of others to store what your family will eat. It's easy to get lost in how much per person an food tables but it won't work if your family won't eat it.
This book has smaller sections about growing and raising your own food (including sprouting), preserving food, and kitchen equipment. It has smaller chapters on terrorism, home security, lists of tools etc. to have on hand, communications, what to have in your library, etc.
All and all I think it's a useful book to have. I enjoyed it and will keep it to add to my library. I do have a word of caution..after doing a search of the book after I received and read it, some message boards cautioned against ordering direct from the author. My mom sent this from amazon so I have no such claim but you might want to order it from a bookstore.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Is What I Woke Up To...

This is my mailbox through the hedges. The post is a couple of feet under water. This second picture is across my front lawn and the neighbors driveway. We are actually on the higher side of the street. The neighbors across from us had water 3/4 the way up their front yards.

Regardless of my efforts to keep the back drains clear, the yard, shed and green house flooded. Just glad it's not the house.
This is what three nights of heavy rain does here. Hopefully no more until Tuesday.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Better Get A Move On....

I had been over to Louisiana Preppers and saw the great garden going on over there. I have to do my last till and get plants in the ground! I have three beds total and might add another bed next year. Here is my smallest bed. It's about 4' X 7' and it's in the front of the house:

Last year, out of this bed I canned 20 pts. sweet jalapenos, froze 6 - gallon bags and gave tons away. I also froze 7- gallon bags of Thai peppers.

This bed is my newest at 3 years old. I usually have tomatoes and whatever else I can fit in there. I did horrible with tomatoes last year. This winter collards and bunching onions were in there. Half this bed will be tomatoes this year. It's 12'X12'.

This is my oldest bed. It's about 4' by 37' and that usually has anything from potatoes to green beans.

And of course here is our lovely composter...LOLOL:

It's full and will be put to good use. The plants in the front usually are lush and beautiful but the last frost carried them off. They are already springing back fast though.

Last but not least is my holey greenhouse. We still have not gotten around to fixing it since Katrina but here it is full of plants waiting to go in the ground:

It's from this I hope ole black thumb here will have gleaming cans on my storage room shelves. Except for last year, I usually have plenty but each year is a new adventure. Now I just need a fire under my butt. I figure if my kids, grand kids and possibly my great grand kids are going to be born in debt they have to get used to doing as much as possible so not to depend on the big G. ( You didn't think I wasn't going to throw in a political dig did you?)
Now I am also turning my thoughts as to cutting back on electric since eventually the big G will have control over the thermostat and time schedule of usage.

Prep on people!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Many Things Running Through My Mind

I've been trying to figure out how to start this post for the past few days. Let me start by stating that the Prepper Network is not a militia or anything like that. We are folks who are doing the best they can with what they have to get by. We want to support and protect our families and be more self-sufficient and connect with like minded individuals. We also believe in our countries and our people to do the right thing.
That being said, I'm am a little confused and disgusted that a terrorist attack imposed on U.S. soil enables the government to impose laws, bills, acts, etc. that infringe upon rights of American citizens to label them terrorists because of a political candidate they would support, for not eating meat, for gathering at a peaceful protest, or just for speaking out on a blog.
Now we have to further the limit of our rights because Mexico is having a gun problem. Which has not been proven to be our problem. That's o.k. I guess as long as the media floods us with AIG, it can distract us from other real issues going on.
China wants to do away with the dollar as a global currency. We are a bad risk. They should know they already have a trillion invested in us and plan to lend us how much more??
What happened to U.S. pulling itself by it's bootstraps?? What happened to our history? What is going to happen to our future?
I didn't mean to turn this into a rant, actually...it's more of a worry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Expanding Family

In the last issue of Backwoods Home, Jackie Clay gave tips to feed a large family. It's timely here to say the least. My family will go from 5 to 6 and there are times throughout the year when it's 7 or 8. Backwoods home had also given a teaser in the reader comment section that Jackie is coming out with a canning book soon. I've check the site and so far no sign of it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh the Humidity of it All

Humidity plays a big role in prepping in the South. I roughly go through 100 lbs of flour a year. I do this 25 lbs at a time and freeze it for a couple of days before I put it in my storage bin. I do this with any type of flour. If I were to store it long term I would definitely buy the #10 cans. Also we are cheap here and the a/c doesn't go on until it effects sleep for about a week or so lol. My neighbors are sort of in shock that I don't have it on already. Foods that are not properly dehydrated will mold pretty quickly and long term storage for squash is close to impossible unless preserved in some way also. This is the time of year that homemade baked items are stored in the refrigerator because left out for a day or two (if anything remains) grows penicillin pretty quickly. Food isn't the only thing that humidity can alter. Moisture absorbing packs are set inside our safe for gun and ammo storage and important papers. Critters of all kinds are a problem also and nothing in bags or boxes are left to their own defense, usually packed in Rubbermaid totes and barrels. But that is the case all over.
Gardening should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon. I usually do it in the morning and some neighbors, if out, can be entertained by my "ah a bee" dance. But just by walking outside leaves you damp.
I wouldn't trade it for snow though. Been there and done that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More About Prepping

Most preppers have a definite political view, not necessarily the same point of view. Some prep because of their religion, some prep to save money, and some prep in the event of a natural disaster. I do it to save money and in case of a natural disaster. In my old house, I did not have a lot of cabinet space, but I did have a space between the refrigerator and my back door to put in a cabinet that faces out sideways. The canned goods that were in there, got us through Katrina after the meat in the freezer had gone bad. The easiest way to figure out what you need, is write down what you eat for two weeks or a month. Then write down all that you need to make those items right down to the spices and multiply that by how many times you eat them in a month and then by the months you want to have stocked up. If you are buying off the shelf at a warehouse club or supermarket, check the expiration date. Some canned goods are only good for six months at a time. You don't have to have a garden to prep but it does help. Grow what you eat! It is easy to be lured into trying something different and exotic...try one, not 10 or 20. If everyone loves it, plant more next year. You can store in small spaces. I saw on a blog how a woman made a nice vanity table in her bedroom and once you lifted up the skirt? You guessed it, cans! You don't need 30 sets of sheets, stock up on you vitamins, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. on linen closet shelves. Bed Risers are popular which are stands that you put your bed on for more room underneath. Don't forget first aid kits, I would buy what you want in it separately and store it all in a toolbox or fishing box. The ready made kits are a little wimpy and you have to be careful that the stuff that is in there isn't already expired when you buy them. Feeling overwhelmed?? One week you can stock up on one item then move on to the next item the next week. After a few weeks stock up on two items at a time. Always rotate, new goes to the back of the shelf, date everything with a sharpie as you put it away if it will help you remember. There is a lot I'm not including right now, but there will be future posts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kind of Quiet on St. Patrick's Day

After all the rain, it is humid here on the coast. It makes you just want sit back with a glass of iced tea and not do much of anything. Shirts I have ironed the other day are already limp on the hangers. The garden beds are ready to be tilled one last time and scores of plants are waiting to go in. My food storage room is half cleaned out and I'm thinking it would just be easier to blow it up lol.
State Senators are planning to go around reluctant Govenors on the stimulus bill and auto loan defaults are up 8.9% in Mississippi and 25% across the nation. A quote from the local sound off "Can't pay your bills? You should have thought about that when you were spending the money you didn't have in the first place."
Glen Beck's War Room announced the 912 Project and boy did it get a response!
I ran into the dollar store for something quick and it was crowded. Shopping carts full of food, as much as in a grocery store. I few months ago I asked if more people were buying just food there and she said yes but not a huge difference. The manager was at the register when I went in the other day and I asked again and she said "Girl, I can't keep food in now. I try to get more deliveries but everyone is swamped." I went past their gardening aisle and it is already wiped out and there was a meeting going on there with some local women about how to grow what and problems they were having.
We are adding a room to the house so that is where a lot of my time has been going but I will be posting more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Somedays it seems to be an uphill battle...

The last couple of days I've been suffering from extreme brain fuzz. Sometimes there is too much going on here at the home front and not enought time for my head to sort it out lol.
My youngest three are in elementary school, if you ask them what they studied this year they will tell you, Obama, Lincoln and Martin Luther King. My youngest came home with a booklet copy of The Constitution, with no explanation, it was just for free. Just the other day my middle son came home and told us that his teacher said that Wall Street has nothing to do with our economy....
Some of the things they are told and that has to be straightened out in some way, shape or form increases by the week. I am trying to be more tactful than my parents and grandparents (O.K. mostly in the case of my Dad and Grandfather), than to say that's just bullshit. And yes, an explanation as to why did follow, but I have been sorely tempted to use the same opening statement. I am lucky that my children do not blindly follow, infact, the reason we are told about much of the classroom conversations is that something didn't ring true to them. I hope this continues well into their adulthood.
I was on a message board that did provide a couple of good links. This site has two videos. One is Patriot or Traitor , and the video below it is The American Form of Government. I do not know anything about the site that it is listed on but I think the videos are worth a watch if you have the time. It definitely got my brain churning and kicked away some of the fuzz. This second site The Box Of Truth, looks interesting. Kind of like the Myth Busters of guns and ammo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food Storage -- Links and Info

I ran across this news story from last year on YouTube about Survival Enterprises. I do like Kurt Wilson's attitude.

Shelf Reliance has a nice table of shelf life information.

Last but not least, food storage eye candy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who is included in your Prepping and Who do you tell?

You figured out that you will prep for your immediate family. Husband, wife, kids, grandkids, grandparents, which ever generational way you want to include. Now imagine that the SHTF. Are there going to be any unexpected people? Or do you say, well, the hell with them? Are you willing to prep for your sister and her moron of a husband or your lazy brother and his haughty wife and their kids hooked up to their ipods and cell phones? Maybe a brother or sister and their families who have just lost their jobs and are struggling. Maybe it's elderly or ailing neighbors who don't have family close. It's a judgement call and it's according to what you can afford and have space for. If you don't have anyone specific in mind, you might want to have a little bit extra, just incase.
Now, who knows about your preps? My immediate family, of course. I don't go through the supermarket or warehouse club doing The Happy Prepping Dance or anything. I also have my children refrain from saying "Well, we have a ton of food". You really do need to have a talk with your children about this on their level. You don't want to have people in the house when your youngest tells you in his "outside voice" I know where one of the safe's are. Ahem...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Wrong With Being Prepared?

This is the question Glen Beck asked yesterday in the middle of his show. It's a good question. Which leads me to a few things. One thing is when our now President was running for election he poked fun at people who toted around a shotgun and were storing food etc., now I don't remember the exact quote but I thought "Hey! I resemble that remark!". Now jump backwards in time to Y2K. Yeah, I'm going there! People were stocking up, getting finances in order, I don't have to go on with this, y'all know. And what was the worst that happened??? Nothing. What was the worst that happened by being prepared??? Your food, water, ammo supplies were there and you might have had your finances in order. Boy that is a pretty awful thing to have happen. During the Depression, people had to store what they grew, use what they had, and do the best they can. Not for a month or two, but for years. And when it was, over most continued to live that way, passing off this mindset to their children. People got a giggle out of preppers after Y2K. Not sure those same people are laughing today though. I don't want to scare people, not what I am about. What I would like is for people to think for themselves, know what their rights are, and to be more self-reliant.
Now ask yourself, what's wrong with being prepared?

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Warming Up

We are coming out of a cold spell here in Mississippi. Thoughts turn to the garden. I should have already started my seeds. Friends and neighbors are predicting another cold snap or maybe two. I'm not so sure about that. Burpee has recorded a 29 percent increase in sales for seeds. Maybe people are finally getting the message that they have to be more self-sufficient. I see a pressure canner in my future, I do have an anniversary coming up...
I see a lot of catch phrases such as Urban Homesteading, Victory Garden (an oldie but a goodie), Homegrowing, and Urban Guerilla Gardening. It all boils down to, stick something in the ground and grow it, even if it is in a window sill. I get a sense of satisfaction when I look at all the cans I've put up from my garden.
You can see signs of change and uneasiness. Shelves aren't as stocked as they used to be. People cruise the meat aisles just looking.
And have you been in a gun shop, or sporting goods store, pawn shop? Ammo shelves are near empty and ordering online is met with long backordered items that are usually cancelled because they will not be delivered in a timely matter. I'm sure it's that and who knows how high the price will be when it is back instock?? I am glad that my husband took it to heart when I said "If we need any ammo, now is the time".
I wish everyone a productive gowing season this year...now, how do you get rid of stink bugs????

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello! I'm jumping in with two feet!

My thanks to American Preppers for allowing me to write for the Mississippi Preppers. I am pretty straight forward and if I do not know something I definitely will ask. I hope you find what I write useful.
Coded Ammo: John Silveira, over at Backwoods Home Magazine, wrote an informative article on this subject. Just click on his name, and it will take you there. But WAIT, before you go, this is a dead issue in Mississippi as it was voted down. Great! Right? Well Mississippi is one of the states that allows open records for concealed carry permits. If you have a concealed carry permit, your name and address are public domain and can be subject to publication. And, as far as I can find, there has been nothing introduced to close these records. South Carolina, I believe, had just passed a bill closing these records.
Governor Hailey Barbour is meeting with Homeland Security tomorrow to try to have them clear up things with FEMA so more recovery can begin. Three years of red tape is a little long.
Governor Barbour has been receiving some flack lately about rejecting stimulus money. The money that would be received for unemployment would only be for 1 year and after that the state would have to fund it. Which means business taxes would go up. Let's see, that means more businesses would leave Mississippi, that would cause more unemployment, which means business taxes would go up.... So I don't blame the Governor. He also doesn't feel that it is honest to take the money then change what happens to it.
Jackson and Columbus, you might be a little relieved to know that they are trying their hardest to have those traffic cameras removed. If it passes they will be gone by Oct. 1st.....if it doesn't, Tupelo, Natchez, Southhaven and McComb are next in line to get them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming Soon...

Aggie will be operating the Mississippi Preppers Network. Welcome Aggie! If anyone would like to be a Team member and help contribute, please leave a comment.
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