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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book Review

It is a chilly 48 degrees here on the coast. The water is gone and things are drying up.
I received this as a gift the other day:

I had this on my wish list knowing that it was mostly about food. It covers the aspect of storing food very thoroughly and I will stress again, after reading this book and a couple of others to store what your family will eat. It's easy to get lost in how much per person an food tables but it won't work if your family won't eat it.
This book has smaller sections about growing and raising your own food (including sprouting), preserving food, and kitchen equipment. It has smaller chapters on terrorism, home security, lists of tools etc. to have on hand, communications, what to have in your library, etc.
All and all I think it's a useful book to have. I enjoyed it and will keep it to add to my library. I do have a word of caution..after doing a search of the book after I received and read it, some message boards cautioned against ordering direct from the author. My mom sent this from amazon so I have no such claim but you might want to order it from a bookstore.


Nightshift said...

Yes, that is a pretty good book. A friend let me borrow it but I do not own a copy. Ref your weather photo's....I was working in it the whole week-end...fun stuff.


Worn Out said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you had to work it, unfortunately from what I have seen on the weather, more is coming.

Humble wife said...

Good book recommendation. Perhaps you could check into Amazon, as I think that you can make money referring books to others if they link from your site and then buy the book.

I will check out amazon later today!

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