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Friday, March 20, 2009

Expanding Family

In the last issue of Backwoods Home, Jackie Clay gave tips to feed a large family. It's timely here to say the least. My family will go from 5 to 6 and there are times throughout the year when it's 7 or 8. Backwoods home had also given a teaser in the reader comment section that Jackie is coming out with a canning book soon. I've check the site and so far no sign of it.


Kymber said...

I will keep checking for it too....give us an update here if you find it first!
Thanks Worn Out!

Nightshift said...

Hey all,
I wondered when Mississippi was going to be added to the list. I'm here on the Gulf Coast in Jackson County. You'll be seeing me around.

Worn Out said...

Thanks for stopping by Nightshift, glad to be seeing you around! If you ever want to contribute, let me know.

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