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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello! I'm jumping in with two feet!

My thanks to American Preppers for allowing me to write for the Mississippi Preppers. I am pretty straight forward and if I do not know something I definitely will ask. I hope you find what I write useful.
Coded Ammo: John Silveira, over at Backwoods Home Magazine, wrote an informative article on this subject. Just click on his name, and it will take you there. But WAIT, before you go, this is a dead issue in Mississippi as it was voted down. Great! Right? Well Mississippi is one of the states that allows open records for concealed carry permits. If you have a concealed carry permit, your name and address are public domain and can be subject to publication. And, as far as I can find, there has been nothing introduced to close these records. South Carolina, I believe, had just passed a bill closing these records.
Governor Hailey Barbour is meeting with Homeland Security tomorrow to try to have them clear up things with FEMA so more recovery can begin. Three years of red tape is a little long.
Governor Barbour has been receiving some flack lately about rejecting stimulus money. The money that would be received for unemployment would only be for 1 year and after that the state would have to fund it. Which means business taxes would go up. Let's see, that means more businesses would leave Mississippi, that would cause more unemployment, which means business taxes would go up.... So I don't blame the Governor. He also doesn't feel that it is honest to take the money then change what happens to it.
Jackson and Columbus, you might be a little relieved to know that they are trying their hardest to have those traffic cameras removed. If it passes they will be gone by Oct. 1st.....if it doesn't, Tupelo, Natchez, Southhaven and McComb are next in line to get them.


Kymber said...

Hey Worn Out - a Big Canadian Welcome to you!
I love Backwoods home magazine too and glad to see you link to it! I didn't click yet (because you yelled WAIT! haha)...but will head right over to read the article after I hit the post a comment button here! Looking forward to more of your posts - keep the good work coming!

Kymber said...

Thanks for your comment over at the CPN Worn out - we appreciate it!

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