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Friday, March 27, 2009

I Better Get A Move On....

I had been over to Louisiana Preppers and saw the great garden going on over there. I have to do my last till and get plants in the ground! I have three beds total and might add another bed next year. Here is my smallest bed. It's about 4' X 7' and it's in the front of the house:

Last year, out of this bed I canned 20 pts. sweet jalapenos, froze 6 - gallon bags and gave tons away. I also froze 7- gallon bags of Thai peppers.

This bed is my newest at 3 years old. I usually have tomatoes and whatever else I can fit in there. I did horrible with tomatoes last year. This winter collards and bunching onions were in there. Half this bed will be tomatoes this year. It's 12'X12'.

This is my oldest bed. It's about 4' by 37' and that usually has anything from potatoes to green beans.

And of course here is our lovely composter...LOLOL:

It's full and will be put to good use. The plants in the front usually are lush and beautiful but the last frost carried them off. They are already springing back fast though.

Last but not least is my holey greenhouse. We still have not gotten around to fixing it since Katrina but here it is full of plants waiting to go in the ground:

It's from this I hope ole black thumb here will have gleaming cans on my storage room shelves. Except for last year, I usually have plenty but each year is a new adventure. Now I just need a fire under my butt. I figure if my kids, grand kids and possibly my great grand kids are going to be born in debt they have to get used to doing as much as possible so not to depend on the big G. ( You didn't think I wasn't going to throw in a political dig did you?)
Now I am also turning my thoughts as to cutting back on electric since eventually the big G will have control over the thermostat and time schedule of usage.

Prep on people!!


Rhino said...

Thanks for the complement on our garden,Bayou gal has worked really hard on it. You look like you are well on your way,with a little luck (which we all need) you should be fine.Looks like your setup has great potential,good luck on help from the young ones, mine always disappear when the work starts lol.

Ken said...

...looks great so far...keep us posted...i don't have one this year,but i can do it vicariously thru others...lol

Kymber said...

Your garden beds look awesome Worn Out! I second Ken...keep us posted...I have a garden too...but mine is still covered in snow! Until I can get out into it I will live vicariously through others too!

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