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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh the Humidity of it All

Humidity plays a big role in prepping in the South. I roughly go through 100 lbs of flour a year. I do this 25 lbs at a time and freeze it for a couple of days before I put it in my storage bin. I do this with any type of flour. If I were to store it long term I would definitely buy the #10 cans. Also we are cheap here and the a/c doesn't go on until it effects sleep for about a week or so lol. My neighbors are sort of in shock that I don't have it on already. Foods that are not properly dehydrated will mold pretty quickly and long term storage for squash is close to impossible unless preserved in some way also. This is the time of year that homemade baked items are stored in the refrigerator because left out for a day or two (if anything remains) grows penicillin pretty quickly. Food isn't the only thing that humidity can alter. Moisture absorbing packs are set inside our safe for gun and ammo storage and important papers. Critters of all kinds are a problem also and nothing in bags or boxes are left to their own defense, usually packed in Rubbermaid totes and barrels. But that is the case all over.
Gardening should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon. I usually do it in the morning and some neighbors, if out, can be entertained by my "ah a bee" dance. But just by walking outside leaves you damp.
I wouldn't trade it for snow though. Been there and done that.

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