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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Somedays it seems to be an uphill battle...

The last couple of days I've been suffering from extreme brain fuzz. Sometimes there is too much going on here at the home front and not enought time for my head to sort it out lol.
My youngest three are in elementary school, if you ask them what they studied this year they will tell you, Obama, Lincoln and Martin Luther King. My youngest came home with a booklet copy of The Constitution, with no explanation, it was just for free. Just the other day my middle son came home and told us that his teacher said that Wall Street has nothing to do with our economy....
Some of the things they are told and that has to be straightened out in some way, shape or form increases by the week. I am trying to be more tactful than my parents and grandparents (O.K. mostly in the case of my Dad and Grandfather), than to say that's just bullshit. And yes, an explanation as to why did follow, but I have been sorely tempted to use the same opening statement. I am lucky that my children do not blindly follow, infact, the reason we are told about much of the classroom conversations is that something didn't ring true to them. I hope this continues well into their adulthood.
I was on a message board that did provide a couple of good links. This site has two videos. One is Patriot or Traitor , and the video below it is The American Form of Government. I do not know anything about the site that it is listed on but I think the videos are worth a watch if you have the time. It definitely got my brain churning and kicked away some of the fuzz. This second site The Box Of Truth, looks interesting. Kind of like the Myth Busters of guns and ammo.


Kymber said...

your YOUNGEST three are in elementary school? how many do you have?!?!?!
explain no more about the brain fuzz....we truly understand! But thanks for sharing some interesting links!

Worn Out said...

LOL I have 5 all together. We have a yours and mine here and the only ours we have are pets.

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