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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Many Things Running Through My Mind

I've been trying to figure out how to start this post for the past few days. Let me start by stating that the Prepper Network is not a militia or anything like that. We are folks who are doing the best they can with what they have to get by. We want to support and protect our families and be more self-sufficient and connect with like minded individuals. We also believe in our countries and our people to do the right thing.
That being said, I'm am a little confused and disgusted that a terrorist attack imposed on U.S. soil enables the government to impose laws, bills, acts, etc. that infringe upon rights of American citizens to label them terrorists because of a political candidate they would support, for not eating meat, for gathering at a peaceful protest, or just for speaking out on a blog.
Now we have to further the limit of our rights because Mexico is having a gun problem. Which has not been proven to be our problem. That's o.k. I guess as long as the media floods us with AIG, it can distract us from other real issues going on.
China wants to do away with the dollar as a global currency. We are a bad risk. They should know they already have a trillion invested in us and plan to lend us how much more??
What happened to U.S. pulling itself by it's bootstraps?? What happened to our history? What is going to happen to our future?
I didn't mean to turn this into a rant, actually...it's more of a worry.


Rhino said...

prep the best u can, set up a perimeter & be on the lookout cause when the money crashes all hel. is gonna break loose. The sheeple will go crazy looking for uncle sugar to help out, he won't be there & then I think we will have a revolution.Try & stay out the mainstream best u can.Good Luck


Rhino said...

Hi Worn out ,what part of the state are u in?

Ken said...

...hey Worn out,you rant/worry all you want...some good thought processes take place when we vent,i know the state networks are not supposed to be rant fests,but you brought up valid points all...unfortunately,there are no cut and dry answers,other than treason,and all it entails...our 'elected'(?) whores have sold us out at the cost of their souls,their puppetmaster's pulling the strings for total world dominance...we(the U.S.)are the last bastion of Liberty left in the world,we are the only thing standing in their way...the whole of their plan depends on this Republics demise,they will not stop,unless we stop them...that being said,I am the 'Militia' you are the Militia,'We' the people,are the Militia...its not enough to prep just to survive,survive into what ?...we must also prep to fight,fight for our God and Country...fight to keep those same things we have prepared,fight to free ourselves/others from a tyrannical gov't gone mad...


Ron Russell said...

Up until yesterday I had never heard the word preppers, I had a visitor to my blog from Old Lighting upon visiting his site, as I always do when people visit mine I found the links to "Prepper" sites and decided to check them out upon visiting "American Preppers Network" I found an amazing post on Davy Crockett, I like it so much I imported it to my blog at Totus, giving full credit and link as to where I got it.

Anyway, I decided to check out your blog here in Mississippi as I live here also. I'm getting on in years now and live in town and can no longer maintain a garden. I use too some years back at my little place in the country in Amite country, but alas, those days are long gone. Let me say however I do support your efforts and from what I seen so far I can say I support your cause. Like you I oppose any type of "forced collectivism" and am a supporter of individual rights. I think the currect direction the country is heading under the new Obama administration is a road to socialism and the loss of individual rights and liberties. Obama's view of an Utopian American is not mine, Obama's view of the world is not mine, and finally Obama's effort to stifle individualism is abhorrent to me.

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