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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Wrong With Being Prepared?

This is the question Glen Beck asked yesterday in the middle of his show. It's a good question. Which leads me to a few things. One thing is when our now President was running for election he poked fun at people who toted around a shotgun and were storing food etc., now I don't remember the exact quote but I thought "Hey! I resemble that remark!". Now jump backwards in time to Y2K. Yeah, I'm going there! People were stocking up, getting finances in order, I don't have to go on with this, y'all know. And what was the worst that happened??? Nothing. What was the worst that happened by being prepared??? Your food, water, ammo supplies were there and you might have had your finances in order. Boy that is a pretty awful thing to have happen. During the Depression, people had to store what they grew, use what they had, and do the best they can. Not for a month or two, but for years. And when it was, over most continued to live that way, passing off this mindset to their children. People got a giggle out of preppers after Y2K. Not sure those same people are laughing today though. I don't want to scare people, not what I am about. What I would like is for people to think for themselves, know what their rights are, and to be more self-reliant.
Now ask yourself, what's wrong with being prepared?


Ken said...

...sorry i missed you folks,just got the link from APN...good lookin blog,look forward to coming back,good to have others more technical than myself headin'up Missisippis'Network...i stay blissfully ignorant on most computer applications...lol

American Prepper said...

Thanks for your posts worn out. You now have admin access so you can customize your site

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