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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backwoods Home Issue117

Is out. I actually got it last week but I usually wait to comment on it when the site is updated. Other magazines I read are Countryside and Mother Earth News. I mention Backwoods mostly because it is the magazine I go back to time and time again when there is something I need.
This issue has a good article about how to "Survive the crunch through self-reliance" by Jackie Clay. Linda Cabris has a great article on Homemade pre-mixed foods, which is perfect for using your food storage wares to mix up and store.
Ayoob has an article on same caliber rifles and Firearms. Sylvia Gist has "A few tips to stretch your food budges". They also have examples of how to make a living doing what you can do in your community which is helpful now. Dorothy Ainsworth wasn't in this issue and I know I tout Jackie Clay alot but I tell you what, inasmuch as I would not be able to keep up with Jackie Clay, I would be in Dorothy Ainsworth's dust. In the Author's Index at backwoods home you can look her up and see some of her articles. I'm not sure if they have the pictures on there also. She has built all of her structures, and had to rebuild her main house due to fire. She can haul it around and dish it out.
Since I read not too long ago that Jackie finished her canning book, I'm thinking it's still at the printer because not a word has been said in the new issue nor on the website.

1 comment:

jambaloney said...

I have never heard of this magazine - it sure looks good on-line! I am going to get a copy for Kymber and I.

thanks for the info!

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