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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Garden is IN

I wanted to post pics but will do that tomorrow. Tomatoes, snow peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, and squash. There are two kinds of potatoes and there are still peppers to go in but the major stuff is done. The boys planted the carrots and potatoes and I did the rest today. DH tilled lastnight and helped the boys with planting. I'm tired right now and I don't care if a damn thing grows at the moment lol, o.k. not entirely true but I don't feel like looking at any more dirt right now.


Kymber said...

baahahahahaha! you are sick of looking at dirt and i am sick of looking at SNOW!!!

can't wait to get my stuff planted! and can't wait for pics!

Rhino said...

But the veggies will taste that much sweeter!
Let's hope this freaky weather is stabilizing & we both have a bumper crop......Good Luck


Humble wife said...

Yay! Now take a rest until it is time to weed the garden, and water it, and then harvest it...rest well!

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