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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Pics

So far so good. The tomatoes, beans, squash, potatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes are doing nicely. Pepper plants are almost ready to go in.

On a side note, Nancy Pelosi and Janine Garofalo can both go kiss my astoturf. We aren't going away. We are the people!!!


Rhino said...

Nice start keep up the good work worn out!!

The Thinker said...

Your garden looks great! It will be a miracle if I can keep the weeds from taking mine over.

Kymber said...

looks great Worn Out...i love the pics!

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Brandon, MS and want to start a garden ASAP but I don't know what grows best in the soil around there. Any ideas?

Worn Out said...

I'm not sure how the soil is in brandon but here on the coast it is heavy clay mixed with some sand. We had to add a hefty dose of topsoil and work in mulch and compost. That being said, green beans, beans, okra, jalapeno peppers, and squash should do well in the heat and handle the later summer bugs, this includes other beans and peppers. I would suggest tomatoes but it's hot for them by the time they would come to fruit and stink bugs would have a feast!

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