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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How it went

There was over a thousand people there which I thought a great turn out for the area. The speakers were fine, everyone was walking around and checking out each others signs. It was a nice evening all and all. Media coverage from WLOX. From the local paper, The Sun Herald. There was also a talk radio reporter there also.
We Surround You was there in full force, which I did add my name to that list, as well as POOP. They were talking about next election in November as a cause for another meet up but I think in order to keep momentum up they should plan something around July 4th. That is about it, not bad I think for my first protest lol. Here are our signs, my daughter is now thinking about protesting the cancellation of the school talent show lol.


Kymber said...

it sounds like a great time was had by all - i am sooo happy - woohoo - for you!
and awesome signs by the way!

Worn Out said...

Thanks Kymber, it went well. It was a little disappointing to be belittled by some of the world news but that is o.k. Have to start somewhere.

Kymber said...

oh crap girl...what do you mean? what happened?

Worn Out said...

It's no biggie Kymber, the media played it off that it was just some crackpot stunt.

Kymber said...

ack...dumb media! sorry to hear that!
but we all know different as do the good people who all went out and attended!

Thomas Jefferson said...

When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.

Benjamin Franklin said...

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. "

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God."

erniesjourney said...

Hey - u stood up for what is right - and that is usually the minority at first! They will all see soon enough! Good job!

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