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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Prepped, Mostly, Now What??

Flash forward a month or two, or maybe you are all set up now. I am a believer in using your preps. How? Like you use everything else. O.k. maybe you can't use up a whole #10 can of reconstituted butter but it can be frozen afterwards in individual tubs. I'm not sure why there has to be special cookbooks for food supply, I don't have any but maybe I should take a look. In any event any thing that is dehydrated has to be reconstituted. Anything opened should be frozen or refrigerated afterwards. Just cook as usual. It would make me nervous just to store everything up waiting for the shtf and then have to deal with expiration dates and what to do with 10 bottles of vitamins that were about to expire. If you have been rotating and using your preps, and provided you didn't do it all in one big giant purchase at a warehouse club, you should be noticing your food bills going down. Not only food bills coming down but maybe some anxiety in this very uncertain time in our history and government that at least you are secure in the knowledge you will have your family fed and fed well.

1 comment:

Kymber said...

Amen to that! Ever since we started prepping and my pantry shelves have gotten fuller and fuller - i have felt an odd "peace of mind" about a lot of crazy things happening in the world! i love the feeling of security everytime i walk by those full pantry shelves!

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