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Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been a little while....leftovers

Leftovers that aren't substantial enough to become lunch the next day, get dumped in the dump can and put in the freezer. I usually have two, one for pork and beef and one for chicken. This is what I use for the dump can:

Just your everyday ice cream tub. We recycle these for a few different food storage items. Here is one started to become soup in about a month when more is added to it:

And a nice neighbor stopped by with this from the reduced rack:

The firm ones were hulled and frozen and the ones starting to soften were pureed and frozen.


Humble wife said...

I love the idea of a frozen soup bucket in the freezer! I am definitely going to start this.

Kymber said...

yep - i am jumping on this idea too! great post Worn Out!

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