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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mulch and Swine Flu

I've added a layer of mulch/compost to the garden to help retain water. I really need to plant a cover crop this winter to help loosen up the soil. I did this Wednesday and things have sprouted up quite a bit. We got hit with a nasty virus starting on Thursday and 4 of us have gotten it so far, so I haven't done much other than water the garden. DH came across a bag of antique canning jars that were in the garage so I'll have to snap a pic of those later on.
Speaking of virus, it hit just in time to leave us tied to the news about the Swine Flu. Some of my old stomping grounds have been hit with this so I was very interested. American Prepper has posted Swine Flu Pandemic Blog and is a great resource. This blog is also listed on the side bar here under blogs.


Kymber said...

adding the mulch is a great idea!

sorry that you guys aren't well...i hope it is just a springtime cold!

PreparingMama said...

I'd love to see a picture of the jars. I get used jars all the time and have found some interesting ones, too.

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