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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old Jars

PreparingMama thankfully reminded me that I was going to take pics of the old ball and atlas jars that were found in the garage. I took a pic, not the best but I hopefull will get shelves up and they can be displayed someday, with a better pic of course lol. Right now they are languishing unappreciated in my storeroom. The middle two jars are blue glass. I, for the life of me, cannot remember where these jars came from.
The garden is doing great so far. A little more rain would be nice but so far so good. I'm not sure what is worse, getting the weeds out or the grass. We also had our Dump Soup. That is where you dump all your beef and veggies into a big tub in the freezer and make soup out of it. It was good! Everynow and then someone would ask "Is that Keilbasa in there?" lol.


Kymber said...

i love the jars - can't wait for more updates on the garden - and hey - is that keilbasa in there? - nothing like some delicious keilbasa in a soup - yummenh!

(question for you - my mom's mom was from the ukraine and pronounced keilbasa like this: Koo-baw-sah...how do you pronounce it? i am asking because here in canada people pronounce it a lot of funny ways...)

Ken said...

...kee-ba-sah in this neck of the woods...lol,wifes a yankee,i call em smokedsausages...lol

Worn Out said...

I pronounce it Kil-ba-sa lol. Damn glad to see you Ken!

Ken said...

...hey Worn Out,long time no type eh?...thanx for the kind word...unfortunately,the funds being limited,so is net access...preachin' to the choir when i say we do what we can,when we can...

...keep fightin'the good fight...GodBless...

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