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Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Vacation

Sorry I haven't been posting as much. I am actually away, in Missouri to be exact, on vacation. We had a wonderful thunderstorm lastnight that cooled things off today and feel a bit guilty enjoying this while it is still hot and dry in Mississippi where my husband is. Here on the farm the children get to enjoy seeing the cows, walking goats (rescued by my sister-in-law) and riding horses. Back home my squash, beans and sweat peas are done for now until I replant. My early girls are ripening and are being frozen for me to process when I get home by my mother. Here my Sister-in-law's garden is a wonderful array of plants, flowering and others, and vegetables. My mother-in-law's garden is the same with the addition of a new greenhouse. I will be here for two weeks, during that time my Mother-in-law and I will sew the start of the school/winter clothes for the kids. I also recieved as a gift a new to me serger which will definitely be a new adventure for me. I hope to improve my sewing skills enough to replicate fashions as they spring up so I can tell my children, I'm not paying that but I'll make if for less than $20 lol. I will be without a computer for a couple of days but will post when I can. I'm on a laptop right now which I am not used to at all lol so pics will wait until I get home. I do know that WVSanta has more installments on Ham Radio you need to check out under the West Virginia link on the left. Also, if you haven't done so already, check out the main American Prepper blog for help with a fellow prepper under fire and our Karen who has her own blog now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Ham Radio 101

To all you Dad's out there! And to my husband and dad as well. Hope you all have a great day!

WVSanta over at West Virginia Prepper has supplied me with links for Ham Radio Operators. He also is starting Ham Radio 101 and lesson number one is the phonetic alphabet. Check it out! The other resources are: eHam.net and
QRZ.com. Both had forums and a lot of articles, reviews and faq's. I have gone through some things on these sights but I am very green to this so I will be visiting West Virginia Prepper often for more installments.

Prepper Net on Ham Radio


OK now I have done it in true DX fashion for all you HAM'S out there.
I know others that read this will be real confused now but I would really like to hear from you HAM'S out there so I figured I would write in a language you would understand. We need to get HAM'S involved here so we can try to get a net going to help with off the grid communication among the prepper networks. I know there are many Ham's already involved in the prepper network and many more that read so please come forward and help us with getting this going. Now that all the people that read this (that are not HAM'S) are confused let me add one more slang that only the HAM'S will understand.

73 de W4DMH

PS Please email me so we can get to work on this. wvsantaclaus@aol.com
God Bless all from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Tomorrow I will post information and resources for beginners. Thanks Santa!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Treat for Tomorrow!

We are going to have a special post tomorrow from West Virginia. So please be sure that you check in. I will also have a follow up post on Sunday with some additional information. This is something I have been interested in, you may not, but it will still be informative. This might be the kick in the pants I need to get going with this lol.
The garden: I have been busy in the garden. Beans are about finished and squash is winding down. Tomatoes are starting to turn red. Potatoes are also finished. The sweet peas are dying it's just too hot for them no matter how much I water. I wish all of you that were getting all this rain would send it on down! Say a prayer or do a rain dance for us here on the coast.
I saw on the news that the Iranian election was a set up because there were more votes than voters...hmm.. I wonder if the President of Iran recruited Acorn for this.
Now I need to state this...I am not an Oprah fan......AT ALL. But I was flipping through on my way to fox news and she had a program about people who had these adjustable rate mortgages and lost their jobs and homes. One family was living in shelters and another in a tent city. Now I admit I nodded on and off during this but one of the things they wish they had was savings and a plan! Here that Obama, people need to be resourceful, they need to save and plan, handouts are not hand ups. Teach a man to fish!
I was rooting around over in backwoods home, no sign of Jackie Clay's book yet, and I am posting a link to and article by John Silveira entitled The Path to Another Depression.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Please Visit

The American Prepper main page. He has more than one post about Karen, a fellow prepper who is blind. She needs affordable housing. Karen, ever the prepper, still contributes letters even though she doesn't know how she will have a roof over her head. She is nothing short of amazing.
More and more of this is popping up. A couple of months ago we were in our own race of getting a room built because my mom came to live with us. She had a job, but was losing her place to live and there was no affordable housing. Karen receives disability income.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Abundance

The garden last year was pretty much a bust. This year, with only three squash plants, I could have fed the neighborhood twice over. Likewise with beans. Sweet peas are ready to be picked and potatoes soon. I am just waiting for bushes and bushes of tomatoes to ripen and hoping it won't happen while I am away because no one here will can them, so as I will be having our best tomato crop, friends, neighbors and coworkers will reap the benifits. I also have the benifit of sweet corn and cucumbers from a neighbors large garden.
There are times I wonder why I bake bread, which is a crap shoot if eaten, can the garden, which again sometimes they will eat it sometimes they won't, sew and do other things that others do not do day in and day out. I am tempted, SHTF scenario, to just hand them a cast iron pan and tell them to go fend themselves. Well don't mind me today, I get very cranky in the heat. If it doesn't rain Saturday I may have to resort to a rain dance, and that wouldn't be pretty and may cause drought lol.
Today is my youngest son's birthday. He is eight today. It reminds me of what I do this for, that and we have a government that pi**es on us and tells us it's raining.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Hurricane Season!

August 29, 2005 is when this lovely picture above hit us at a 5. I posted it because no one living along the gulf should forget this. It's going on 4 years and people tend to relax and get lax after this amount of time. Realators and builders would love for everyone to forget this. Dh and I were driving around the other day and there are still plenty of reminders. Especially those who still have damaged houses with the count on them. It's the red x that shows the house was searched afterwards and how many people they found dead. I rode out Katrina and let me tell you, you believe in a higher power after that. You also know that after something that bad help doesn't come quickly. Especially when people are afraid to come to your state after the actions of others.
I am not going to post long lists of what you need and what you have to do but I will post you links with easy enough instructions.

Mississippi State Health Department's disaster preparedness.

MEMA-Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, very good site.

Tracking map -Free printable hurricane tracking map from the St. Petersburg Times.

Do Something is about different disasters and aid.

Flood Smart is from the National Flood Insurance Program. This is to determine your flood risk level.
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