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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Abundance

The garden last year was pretty much a bust. This year, with only three squash plants, I could have fed the neighborhood twice over. Likewise with beans. Sweet peas are ready to be picked and potatoes soon. I am just waiting for bushes and bushes of tomatoes to ripen and hoping it won't happen while I am away because no one here will can them, so as I will be having our best tomato crop, friends, neighbors and coworkers will reap the benifits. I also have the benifit of sweet corn and cucumbers from a neighbors large garden.
There are times I wonder why I bake bread, which is a crap shoot if eaten, can the garden, which again sometimes they will eat it sometimes they won't, sew and do other things that others do not do day in and day out. I am tempted, SHTF scenario, to just hand them a cast iron pan and tell them to go fend themselves. Well don't mind me today, I get very cranky in the heat. If it doesn't rain Saturday I may have to resort to a rain dance, and that wouldn't be pretty and may cause drought lol.
Today is my youngest son's birthday. He is eight today. It reminds me of what I do this for, that and we have a government that pi**es on us and tells us it's raining.


Kymber said...

eh...we all have them days eh? but i gotta tell you - the sound of your bushes and bushes of tomatoes is making me very envious! we just got hit with hail a little over a week and a half ago and half of my tomatoes were destroyed...oh well...had to start new ones.
and we have been having so much rain lately...no worries - i will send it in your direction!

Ken said...

...Happy B-day to the boy,and by the way i love 'maters...lol...aint been downstate since Katrina,might be worth the roadtrip...lol...a little salt-n-pepper and eat them like apples...hope yer day gets better,i'm sending ya some 'goodvibes'...should be there any minute now...

...any minute now...

...they there yet ?...lol

Marica said...

Do tell... what *is* in the jar?

Worn Out said...

Kymber, I'm so sorry about that hail, I hope you new tomatoes sprout up quick! I'm still thinking about getting (and fighting with) a new dehydrator lol. Ken! Glad to see you! I think I did get your good vibes because my mood lifted suddenly just before lunch! Marica I was so involved with my piddly rant that I forgot to label the picture! It's relish I made out of squash. Girl, you need to get that house sold so I can get you writing over here!

Marica said...

We're working on it! The contractor's plastering the bathroom as I type. The dining room is one big piece of plastic (ceiling work). And I'm spending money. This is progress, right?

Squash relish... nice!

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