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Friday, June 19, 2009

Treat for Tomorrow!

We are going to have a special post tomorrow from West Virginia. So please be sure that you check in. I will also have a follow up post on Sunday with some additional information. This is something I have been interested in, you may not, but it will still be informative. This might be the kick in the pants I need to get going with this lol.
The garden: I have been busy in the garden. Beans are about finished and squash is winding down. Tomatoes are starting to turn red. Potatoes are also finished. The sweet peas are dying it's just too hot for them no matter how much I water. I wish all of you that were getting all this rain would send it on down! Say a prayer or do a rain dance for us here on the coast.
I saw on the news that the Iranian election was a set up because there were more votes than voters...hmm.. I wonder if the President of Iran recruited Acorn for this.
Now I need to state this...I am not an Oprah fan......AT ALL. But I was flipping through on my way to fox news and she had a program about people who had these adjustable rate mortgages and lost their jobs and homes. One family was living in shelters and another in a tent city. Now I admit I nodded on and off during this but one of the things they wish they had was savings and a plan! Here that Obama, people need to be resourceful, they need to save and plan, handouts are not hand ups. Teach a man to fish!
I was rooting around over in backwoods home, no sign of Jackie Clay's book yet, and I am posting a link to and article by John Silveira entitled The Path to Another Depression.

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