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Friday, July 31, 2009

APN on the FPG

Our fearless leader Tom on the American Preppers Network and three other state preppers will be on the Family Preparedness Guide on Blog Talk radio. The time is on the schedule there and if you can't make it, you can download after they get it loaded up. I usually can't make the time but download later and listen to it on my sansa. This way I can listen to it while getting things done around here.
I'll tell you what I haven't been doing is weeding. With all rain and humidity it's been crazy. But, I'll have to roll my sleeves up soon and get my lazy butt out there and pull before it takes over!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Be prepared

It's the Boy Scouts motto and as good as any. Be prepared means anything from natural disasters to unemployment. I remember during Y2K everyone rushing to get money out of the bank to trying to pay their mortgage off early. Fast forward nine years and some of these same people are having their homes foreclosed. Not learning their lessons from Katrina some people are still doing the paycheck to paycheck deal (thank you anonymous commenter), and now there is even more you have to prepare for. The event of government health care. It's not just money and food, it's your health. Start taking care of it now. Heaven help us if this passes---ever, if you have a terminal or debilitating condition the only way you will get adequate health care will be to pay for it yourself.
"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." Hippocrates
The food you eat can be one way to help yourself. Now, you can get as angry with me as you want to, but it is not your God given right to go to an all you can eat buffet and try to eat 5 times as much food as you think you paid for it. There I said it. And fried is not a food group. (I am as guilty as the rest of you) and yes, too much sweet tea can help diabetes and kidney failure right along. Think about the state of your health and how long you would survive on The Anointed One's health care plan if it should ever pass. I'm not just lecturing to you but myself also (I smoke). I am also not telling you to join a diet plan. Be sensible about what you eat. I personally have been cutting out as much processed food as I can and I have noticed that we have been getting sick a lot less than usual.
So get your preps in order, hopefully in more traditional, less boxed process stuff. Get your bills paid, by all means! But when the shtf don't be just lingering along, take care of yourself, people in the position of taking care of others don't give themselves permission...if you need it, I give you permission.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurricane Season

So far we've been pretty lucky but as we have seen in the past most (no, not all) of our activity occurs between August and October with threats of tornados through the end of November. I would take this time to make sure all preps are in place and to stock up on water and batteries. Most stores here along the coast, including Lowes, have their hurricane supplies right when you walk in. Last year we had Gustav hit at tropical storm levels here and it was a sad awakening for those who rebuilt and realized that just through a tropical storm they still hadn't built high enough.
The tracking picture above is from Katrina.
On a lighter note, I've been over reading Coffee with the Hermit. His link is under my blog links to the right. After reading my muddled penny pinching post, (in my defense I had a birthday this weekend so my brain is older lol)I decided to read the Hermit and he had Glen Miller- In the Mood on there and I'm still dancing in my seat.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Penny Pinching

I was reading the main American Prepper blog earlier, and now more than ever it is time to pay attention to savings and purchases. I talk myself out of most frivolous spending, and quite frankly I don't like to shop. (Books and fabric are exceptions to this.) But I limit my book and fabric shopping to only a couple of times a year. We do not have credit card debt, don't use them. So our major expenses are the kids, the house and the utilities. This past billing cycle we saw our electric jump $100.00. Not just ours but our neighbors too. DH is putting in a clothesline for me.
Foreclosures are effecting our area also, we recently got a huge shed that cost 1700.00 originally for 100. They didn't care what they got for it just as long as the bank didn't get it. This is where all my garden things will live since it won't all fit in the greenhouse. There are more and more yard sales than I have seen in the past. And more people laid off.
Years ago I became an instant fan of the Tightwad Gazette books. Which led me to more books and magazines (before internet) that covered self-reliance. Those articles in Woman's Day just didn't cut it for me and it opened up a whole new world for me.
I find the same people that poke fun at the things I do are usually the same people that sweat the bills at the end of the month but have the latest of everything.
Boy...I hadn't really intended to jump on my soap box, it just came pouring out of my fingertips.
Change of subject. If you see over to the right --------> WVSanta has begun a American Prepper Radio Net blog. Check it out when you have the time and maybe I will get a grip as to where I was going with this post to begin with.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Plan and Census Question

O.k. if this isn't enough to make your eyes bleed, I'm not sure what is. This government health plan makes HMO's and Medicaid/Medicare look good.

And if this isn't enough here are the proposed Census Questions for 2010. I have one answer for all of these questions and it's not very polite. By the time 2010 arrives though I'm sure there will be over 100 Czars to handle all this.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Review and Product Review

As per my previous post, the Victorio Food Strainer worked great. I thought I would would get tired from cranking but it was nice and easy and the boys got a kick out of cranking it also. Worth the money and I might invest in some additional screens. It comes with the tomato/apple screen. It cleaned up pretty quick also. I canned a dozen quarts of tomato sauce with it yesterday.

As for books, you all have probably seen this one, but it is alway worth the mention.

This is the picture of the edition I have but newer ones are out. I've had mine over 10 years and the cover is worn out. Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living is the bible of how to do everything from plant a tree, to castrating a bull. It has it all. I plan on using the castrating a bull technique if a man ever breaks into my house. Sadly though Carla is no longer with us. Her page is still up though at Carla Emery.

And if you haven't figured out by now that I am a bibliophile here is my search for Ham Radio on Amazon. Not that WVSanta isn't doing an amazing job, he is, it's just a compulsion I have lol.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back and Behind

The computer at my SIL's was in high demand and I am sorry that I couldn't post much while I was away. I did learn from my wonderful Mother-In-Law how to sew something that I would not be embarrassed having my family wear out in public. Always seek out someone who can teach you something. Do not be afraid to ask. My MIL is a wealth of knowledge and has been sewing and baking for 70 years. Her recounts of the times gone by are priceless by any means. That being said, we had a jam packed vacation and need a vacation but there is a lot to do now that I am home and school starts Aug. 5th. A neighbor once asked "what good is stocking food during hurricane season if you flood?" Good question! After Katrina hit, where were you going to find food? Supermarkets that could open and did sold tainted food and people got sick from it. Your water supply is tainted, people were suffering all sorts of ailments from that. Few people were let into the state never mind tractor trailers. We had enough can goods afterwards to hold us over after the meat had gone bad. Stack it high, store more than enough, and rely on yourself. We had several potlucks with neighbors and turned a bad experience into "we can pull through this". Also, I will only state this once, I will not go through another disaster like Katrina without being armed again.
Now as for catching up...WVSanta has been another wealth of knowledge for Ham Radio. He has a series of articles which I have been browsing and will completely immerse myself in when the kids are in school, if I can wait that long.
Countryside Magazine had an interesting article on More Month Than Money.
Which has a list of how to stock up in a simplified form. The person who wrote the article also has a full PDF you can save and goes more into it. It's here at New Century Homestead, it's the top one and it's 22 pages long. The magazine itself has a lot of reader comments and questions and one topic in there was a response to a question of feeling uneasy and the need to stock up. A couple of good responses were in there but it's nice to see that other people are feeling the same way to a certain extent.
Now you didn't think I'd leave off without mentioning my favorite Backwoods Home did ya?
Claire Wolfe wrote an article called Preparing For Civil Unrest that I think many would find useful.
I love cast iron and am always scouting around for more that isn't made in China. Jackie Clay comes through again in an article titled..well Cast Iron. Annie Tuttle had taken over for her father as Editor in Chief over there and is doing a great job. She also addressed that they were waiting as well for Jackie Clay's new canning book and that it is taking so long because the book is huge! Drool.. I will try to be more patient lol.

This was waiting in my freezer when I came home. I was worried when I left I was going to miss all my tomatoes!! Well I had them thrown into freezer bags and I took them out earlier to defrost. It's time to can sauce! Not only that but I have a full table of tomatoes ripening more. And more on the plants that held through the heat until the rains came. It's funny how Mississippi waited for me to leave to finally rain but I'm not complaining. While in Missouri we hit the favorite Amish bulk supplier where I can get cheap spices and bought this there because it had the same price as everyone else:

Dh and I have been on a debate for the last couple of years on if we should get one. The last tomato patch we had didn't amount to much so I was a little worried about wasting money on it. I will be trying this baby out today and will let you know how it goes.
Glad to be home and hope all is well! I have some blog reading to catch up on also!
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