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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back and Behind

The computer at my SIL's was in high demand and I am sorry that I couldn't post much while I was away. I did learn from my wonderful Mother-In-Law how to sew something that I would not be embarrassed having my family wear out in public. Always seek out someone who can teach you something. Do not be afraid to ask. My MIL is a wealth of knowledge and has been sewing and baking for 70 years. Her recounts of the times gone by are priceless by any means. That being said, we had a jam packed vacation and need a vacation but there is a lot to do now that I am home and school starts Aug. 5th. A neighbor once asked "what good is stocking food during hurricane season if you flood?" Good question! After Katrina hit, where were you going to find food? Supermarkets that could open and did sold tainted food and people got sick from it. Your water supply is tainted, people were suffering all sorts of ailments from that. Few people were let into the state never mind tractor trailers. We had enough can goods afterwards to hold us over after the meat had gone bad. Stack it high, store more than enough, and rely on yourself. We had several potlucks with neighbors and turned a bad experience into "we can pull through this". Also, I will only state this once, I will not go through another disaster like Katrina without being armed again.
Now as for catching up...WVSanta has been another wealth of knowledge for Ham Radio. He has a series of articles which I have been browsing and will completely immerse myself in when the kids are in school, if I can wait that long.
Countryside Magazine had an interesting article on More Month Than Money.
Which has a list of how to stock up in a simplified form. The person who wrote the article also has a full PDF you can save and goes more into it. It's here at New Century Homestead, it's the top one and it's 22 pages long. The magazine itself has a lot of reader comments and questions and one topic in there was a response to a question of feeling uneasy and the need to stock up. A couple of good responses were in there but it's nice to see that other people are feeling the same way to a certain extent.
Now you didn't think I'd leave off without mentioning my favorite Backwoods Home did ya?
Claire Wolfe wrote an article called Preparing For Civil Unrest that I think many would find useful.
I love cast iron and am always scouting around for more that isn't made in China. Jackie Clay comes through again in an article titled..well Cast Iron. Annie Tuttle had taken over for her father as Editor in Chief over there and is doing a great job. She also addressed that they were waiting as well for Jackie Clay's new canning book and that it is taking so long because the book is huge! Drool.. I will try to be more patient lol.

This was waiting in my freezer when I came home. I was worried when I left I was going to miss all my tomatoes!! Well I had them thrown into freezer bags and I took them out earlier to defrost. It's time to can sauce! Not only that but I have a full table of tomatoes ripening more. And more on the plants that held through the heat until the rains came. It's funny how Mississippi waited for me to leave to finally rain but I'm not complaining. While in Missouri we hit the favorite Amish bulk supplier where I can get cheap spices and bought this there because it had the same price as everyone else:

Dh and I have been on a debate for the last couple of years on if we should get one. The last tomato patch we had didn't amount to much so I was a little worried about wasting money on it. I will be trying this baby out today and will let you know how it goes.
Glad to be home and hope all is well! I have some blog reading to catch up on also!


Marica said...

Welcome home! You'll love your food mill or whatever it's called. We have the exact one. Last summer the remnants of a hurricane made it all the way up here & knocked out power. Naturally, Duke Energy had sent virtually ALL of their trucks down your way and when the "hurricane" (right, 50 mph winds. huh.) hit here, no one was home to fix anything. Took 'em three days just to get trucks & people back here. Some folks were without power for over three WEEKS!

Anyway-- the tomatoes were coming in heavy at the time. We only had electricity to keep the deep freeze & the three spare fridges running. So no food processor to make sauce to freeze. Fortunately, the restaurant supply store was open & we bought this.

While other folks were really suffering-- gas was $5/gal & they had to go out to eat breakfast, linch & supper-- we hardly missed a beat.

Sorry to ramble! Heading your way next week to look at land.

Kymber said...

YAY - Worn Out is back - we are sooo glad!
Love the post (ike usual), glad that you are back - make sure to say a Big Hi to Marica if you bump into her - bahahaha!

Glad that you had a nice and busy vacation!!!

Ken said...

...welcome back Worn Out...need a vacation from yer vacation huh ?...

Worn Out said...

Marica, good luck land hunting! Let me know how it goes. You are doing a great job over at Ohio Prepper! The mill worked great!!
Ah Kymber, I missed you! Hope all is well way up north, how's the garden? {{{Ken}}} One thing sums it up best, "there's no place like home"!

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