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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurricane Season

So far we've been pretty lucky but as we have seen in the past most (no, not all) of our activity occurs between August and October with threats of tornados through the end of November. I would take this time to make sure all preps are in place and to stock up on water and batteries. Most stores here along the coast, including Lowes, have their hurricane supplies right when you walk in. Last year we had Gustav hit at tropical storm levels here and it was a sad awakening for those who rebuilt and realized that just through a tropical storm they still hadn't built high enough.
The tracking picture above is from Katrina.
On a lighter note, I've been over reading Coffee with the Hermit. His link is under my blog links to the right. After reading my muddled penny pinching post, (in my defense I had a birthday this weekend so my brain is older lol)I decided to read the Hermit and he had Glen Miller- In the Mood on there and I'm still dancing in my seat.


Anonymous said...

Yes timely advice but I am more than a bit concerned that our folks just have not learned the lessons of Katrina. I hear many people say they dont need to prepare since they are not sticking around again. These same folks are running around with maxed out credit cards and less than a 1/4 tank of gas. Hoping to make it to payday. They seem to hve forgotten the ridiculous evacuatuion trafic and the gas stations running out of fuel. We realy have a much larger fog hanging over our head this year with the swine flu potentialy making lots of people sick. If all the good folks who run the service stations and grocery stores are ill. Just how long do the unprepared think they will be able to hang on with the tv dinners and microwave popcorn.

Worn Out said...

That is a good point to make. I heard that once a person in a family comes down with swine flu the entire house has to quarantine themselves for a week or more. I also agree that it will be the same chaotic mess if we have major storm. I did address that in a previous post. I also have a lot of neighbors who said if it floods they aren't coming back at all even to rebuild.

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