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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Penny Pinching

I was reading the main American Prepper blog earlier, and now more than ever it is time to pay attention to savings and purchases. I talk myself out of most frivolous spending, and quite frankly I don't like to shop. (Books and fabric are exceptions to this.) But I limit my book and fabric shopping to only a couple of times a year. We do not have credit card debt, don't use them. So our major expenses are the kids, the house and the utilities. This past billing cycle we saw our electric jump $100.00. Not just ours but our neighbors too. DH is putting in a clothesline for me.
Foreclosures are effecting our area also, we recently got a huge shed that cost 1700.00 originally for 100. They didn't care what they got for it just as long as the bank didn't get it. This is where all my garden things will live since it won't all fit in the greenhouse. There are more and more yard sales than I have seen in the past. And more people laid off.
Years ago I became an instant fan of the Tightwad Gazette books. Which led me to more books and magazines (before internet) that covered self-reliance. Those articles in Woman's Day just didn't cut it for me and it opened up a whole new world for me.
I find the same people that poke fun at the things I do are usually the same people that sweat the bills at the end of the month but have the latest of everything.
Boy...I hadn't really intended to jump on my soap box, it just came pouring out of my fingertips.
Change of subject. If you see over to the right --------> WVSanta has begun a American Prepper Radio Net blog. Check it out when you have the time and maybe I will get a grip as to where I was going with this post to begin with.


Marica said...

Sounds like we have some book talking to do when I get down there.

Land shopping went well, btw. 4 possibles ranging from 40-80 acres. We're gonna need to build a house.

Worn Out said...

Glad your trip went well! Pretty soon I'll be able to welcome you back to constant humidity. This will be a huge adventure for your family, a big move and building a house! You a Tightwad fan? You should have heard the discussion I had with the kids about back to school shopping then lolol. They are not happy campers lol.

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