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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creativity Inhibitors

Do you consider yourself creative? O.k. I can hear it now, "Worn Out...what's this have to do with prepping?". I'm going to tell you so grab yourself another cup of coffee.
Most people do not consider themselves creative, myself included. If you ask most preppers about how they go about doing things, they will tell you they are doing what they have to, to secure themselves and their families. It sounds a heck of a lot more noble than to think you are creative. Creative, for most of us, is reserved for an image of an artsy, bohemian type of community. And lets face it, if we were out busting our butts tilling a new bed and someone said to us "how creative" we would probably shoot them the look of death.
Why don't preppers share more about prepping in social situations? Two reasons, one is if the SHTF we don't want everyone showing up at our door, two is the "your nuts" reaction. This post deals with the latter. Preppers are successful in prepping because we don't shout it from the rooftops. Creativity inhibitors are people who don't get it and want to nay say everything about it. By quietly, for the most part, going about our prepping we have freedom over critics and room enough to be creative. Preppers are a wonderful society of individuals who can find multiple uses for things, sustain themselves to the best of their ability and care enough about their families to ensure security through various means.
Innovative, pioneer mindset, survival mode, prepper, etc. all amounts to being creative.
It's easy to be more creative, turn a deaf ear to your critics and surround yourself more with people of a like minded attitude. That's what this network is all about. Support. Though more popular, we are not mainstream and what makes it harder is friends and family stomping you flat when you are trying to get things accomplished.
What made me think of this was my daughters artsy, bohemian piano teacher. She paints, and I walked in one day and she was distraught. A well known, respected artist friend had stopped by and looked at her latest painting. Well, her reaction wasn't good, rude in fact, and she was devastated. I asked to see her painting and it was good! I'm not an art critic, by far, but I told her exactly what I liked about it. I told her she didn't want someone around her all the time just to pump her up but this woman constantly tears her down and she had to stop showing her the paintings. She is a lot more confident now and has done a show and is selling. She continued with my daughter's piano lesson while I sat and thought of ideas how my husband and I were going to build our clay oven in the near future with my daughter playing Penny Whistle in the background.


Kymber said...

bahahahahaha - THIS POST IS AWESOME Worn Out - i love it!

and i really think that it could be worked up into a great definition for the What Is a Prepper blog!

check it out at http://www.whatisaprepper.com/ - and submit a definition!

Marica said...

Nice, Aggie! I do consider myself very creative-- not that have any particular art or musical or other talents, just that I can usually find a way to create something I want or need out of next to nothing. I think a lot of preppers have this mind-set.

Now about the nay-sayers... . I agree for the most part. But (like openly carrying my sidearm) I think there's something to be said for not hiding my light under a basket (or whatever), ESPECIALLY in front of the younger set. There is a sense in which each of us is respected by others for whatever smarts and talents we do have. When we talk about prepping, we bring the full weight of who we are, and who others know us to be, to the issue of prepping. Sure some will nay-say. But there's a chance some will put 2 + 2 together and reason: Aggie is smart. I respect her. She is a prepper. Maybe I should think about prepping, too.

At least I hope so!!

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