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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Food Storage in Small Spaces

Let's face it, some of us live in places smaller than this root cellar lol. I know a couple of my apartments were smaller than this. Little did people know my end tables were bulk packages of tp and paper towels, or that my entertainment center held cans of beans and vegetables rather than vhs tapes and albums. Most of my apartments couldn't give enough light to a window sill garden. So stocking up consisted of using coupons and the local farmers market. I wish I could have afforded a small freezer at the time but that would come later. Also I didn't have a car and to stock up meant shopping everyday until I just needed the bare necessities.

Apartment Therapy, has an article about food storage and a good pic of under the bed storage.

Small Living Journal, has various solutions for different needs. And, I have to admit also, that some of my apartments have been bigger than some of the houses in this journal lol. This is my husbands dream though after the kids all move out...(mostly so they don't try to move back in lol).

Preparedness Society Forum, has some pics of storage on rolling shelves and such,(I have a couple of these), you can fit a lot on there.

Tiny Farm Blog, which really has nothing to do with small space storage, I just thought it was a neat blog and if they are "micro farming" (two acres), and I am on a suburban lot I must be extreme micro farming lolol.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Kymber said...

Great post Worn Out and great links - thanks for sharing!
And i am with you - extreme micro farming it is - bahahaha!

Rhino said...

I'm with your Husband,My son moved back & I don't think I'll ever get rid of him.

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