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Friday, August 21, 2009

Grow Where You Are Planted

I have lived in a variety of places over the years. From two to three room apartments in N.Y., to a house in the suburbs in Mississippi. For years I subscribed to magazines and read books on the good life, dreaming of having acreage and enough room to do everything I could ever want to do. That wasn't happening, and still has not, but if I waited to start I would never get where I am now. I still pour over books and magazines, now I just adapt them to what I can use and the space I have. I will be writing more on this but think about what you can do in the limited space you have. Don't mourn lack of space, persevere in spite of it.


Ken said...

...mornin' Worn Out,best advice i've seen in some time...

Kymber said...

wonderful words Worn Out....thanks for this! it helps to put and keep things in perspective!

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