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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lady Preppers Rock!

We had bad storms Saturday and I couldn't get online but you can download the show by James Talmage Stevens here at the Family Preparedness Guide.

In attendance was Kymber from Canadian Preppers Network, Phelan from Kansas Preppers, Ernie from Indiana Preppers, Paulette from Tennessee Preppers,
and last but not least, SciFiChick from Texas Preppers!

I just played back my download while cleaning the house, and you were all great! Sorry guys, but the ladies blew you all out of the water lol. Next week the guys will be back, I think it's this Saturday.
Again, wonderful show!


Kymber said...

Worn Out - thanks so much for this post! i have to say that i agree that the ladies rocked! i was in wonderful company with SciFiChick, Ernie, Phelan and Paulette - i think they really got the message across that this network is full of people at all different stages of prepping who are very willing to teach anyone who is interested!

James is doing another Lady Preppers show on Aug 22 - you interested in being interviewed?

Worn Out said...

Hi Kymber, I emailed you. The date is the subject line.

Kymber said...

Got your emails...and just to let your readers know - look forward to hearing Worn Out on James Talmage Stevens show on Aug 22!!!

erniesjourney said...

Thanks Worn Out! I appreciate you!:)

Anonymous said...

You plated downloads when you were cleaning!!!
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