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Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Hurricane Prep Thoughts

Thinking about what I wrote so far about preparing for a hurricane there is more that I left out. Marica from Ohio Preppers wrote me:

One more thought. "Mental health" & attitude go a long way in being prepared & surviving. So I'd add a deck of of cards or other age-appropriate, old-school (small, light) entertainment to my 72 hour bag. Adults & kids get antsy & bored. Having something to DO is a good thing.

She also sent me a link for Popular Mechanics. It's to sell tools but has useful prep info.
Thank you Marica!

As you can see from the picture, telling your friends and family you are o.k. (or not o.k.) is important. My family and friends had me listed missing in the paper, with the red cross, and a relative of mine had her email read about looking for us on Bill O'Reilly. I was also listed on several internet sites. You need to pick a designated person and give them at least two phone numbers of people who can help spread the word. In my case it was my Dad. He was also the last person I called during the hurricane before my phone went out. Unfortunately it wasn't until three or four days after that I got a weak signal to call him again. People outside of the hurricane zone who have loved ones in the zone...please be patient, we are as anxious to talk to you as you are to us and we really are concerned about how much you are worrying about us during this time.

Medications: Our local radio station helped out big time with this. SO many people were without their meds. During hurricane season it is wise to have a two month supply at the ready. And if your health situation can turn critical at any moment you might want to seek shelter by checking into the hospital. People who could call to offer medication helped those who didn't have any, this is dangerous but we would have had a lot more loss of lives had it not been for that.

After 10 days of no air conditioning you become fully acclimated again. Try not to overdo it right after the hurricane. I know that's hard. After Katrina was over I was dragging off tree limbs and debris. Make sure your tetanus shot is up to date. First thing I did was step on a nail.

Save your gas! It amazed me how many people had to get out and look and couldn't stand not to go shopping. Meanwhile there wasn't any place to get gas! Be careful when grocery stores do open up. One local place here decided it was o.k. to sell meat and poultry they had on hand before the hurricane and people got sick. After a while delivery routes changed for food so some of the first shipments to come through were old meat that were either taken from other stores or rejected, again some people got sick. So the three day supply of food they tell you to have on hand is bunk. Stock up for a few weeks or more.

It's one thing to survive the hurricane it's another to survive the aftermath.


Marica said...

No prob, Aggie!

As before, your posts always remind me of something I should have thought of before. So here's another thought about stocking up on prescription medications: It's almost impossible to do anymore b/c of the insurance companies.

My DH is a Type I (insulin dependent) diabetic. Previously, when he refilled his insulin script once per month, he'd get a box of five pens (the delivery system). At the end of the month, he'd have one left but would refill his script. So he stock piled a few pens. Good thinking in case you can't get to the pharmacy. (And there are other reasons, like traveling, that sometimes prohibit him from getting to the pharmacy at the beginning of the month.)

The insurance company got wise. Someone (??) looks at the script, and the prescribed dosage, and decides he only needs 4 pens/month. True enough... BUT.

The fix? As we figured out AND AS THE PHARMACIST (wink wink) suggested? Ask your doctor to write the script for just a shade more than you need for the allotted time frame. This only makes good sense for people in hurricane regions. With insulin, it's easy-- just up the prescribed dosage on the script, and only take what you & your doctor know you need. For pills... I don't know what the solution is, but it's worth discussing.

It's a legitimate worry, and IMHO, if your doctor isn't amenable to discussing the worry and helping fond a solution, you need another doctor. Get one while you still can!

wvsanta said...

A great post and very good information. Seems the perfect place to mention that this is again one of the reasons we started the radio site. By the way thanks for adding a link to it. Ham radio operators are your best resource after a natural disaster. Even if you have no interest in Ham Radio you could visit your local club and meet some of the people. By doing this you would at least get to know who you could get in touch with to send a message via Ham Radio to another part of the country to let people know you are OK

There are TRAFFIC HANDLING NETS (messages not cars)that will pass the information on for you to else where in your state or to another place in the country. It is like a big relay race with each person passing the message on to the next until it gets to the area it needs to go. Believe it or not it works and all you need to do is ask.
American Preppers Radio Net
When All Else Fails Ham Radio Works

erniesjourney said...

Excellent posts and comments! Thank you!:)

Worn Out said...

Thank you for the pharmacy tip Marica! I didn't even think of that!
Santa, that is one of the reasons I want to get licensed. I hope more people get involved and I was surprised to find two clubs near me that give out free lessons.
Thanks for coming by Ernie, I'm glad to see you!

Rhino said...

I had my doctor write me a xtra scrip of uor meds & get them filled every month for $4 ea. now we have a years supply stashed & rotate them out monthly, Good post

Ken said...

...good post...communication is definately under served/under utilized...friends of ours used CBs,the messenges took awhile to get out,relay op to op,took time i suppose...anyway...good series of posts
...thanx Worn Out...

Anonymous said...

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