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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Should you stay or should you go....

Not everyone gets out during a hurricane. The question is should I or shouldn't I? My house in Katrina was not in a flood zone. We had some roof lift and holes and a ceiling collapse. We stayed. The house I live in now, which has been my husband's house flooded for the first time since it was built over 30 years ago during Katrina, with a foot and a half of water. Being higher than our neighbors across the street, they suffered 4 1/2 feet of water. DH and I were dating so it was double the clean up double the fun. Flooded houses no matter how deep isn't pleasant. You need to know how your house handles a hurricane, which will be difficult now since there are so many new houses. If you don't know or if your house can look like this at a level 3 :

Just get the hell out. That's all.
Reasons people do not like to leave are pets, they don't want to leave their house unsecured, they don't have a way to go, or they are not comfortable going to a shelter. I do not like the idea of going to a shelter but we have a friend on much higher ground that has already said "come on over".
If you stay at home be safe. Stay in a windowless hallway or bathroom when it gets bad. If your power lines aren't buried use caution when going outside. If you have children treat it as a cautious adventure because if you are a mess during the storm you will scar them, if you want to take extra precautions make sure their bicycle helmets are in the house. This is where they live and it should be treated as part of life in the area they live in. But if you do stay with children make sure you are in a more secure part of the area. Your preps should be just as you would if you were leaving which I posted in yesterdays post. The only advantage you have to staying is that you will have a jump on clean up and can keep your home secure. Not worth your life so if you are in the big danger zone....send me a post card from where you land.


Rhino said...

well said......

Ken said...

...good post,and to think i almost ended up on the coast in '01...knowing what i've learned already ?...no sweat!...but Big K would have put a whoopin' on a newbie...lol

Worn Out said...

Thanks Rhino, I added Bayou Gal's blog to our links.
LOL Ken, I've been through a few smaller hurricanes before Katrina, I think everyone was newbie after the whoopin we got lol.

britney said...

Where they live they should live as part of the life!!!
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