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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catching up

The Schools here are showing the speech today. I sent notes in to opt out my children and a letter to administrator.
The swine flu reported cases were published and it's funny how it is all out in the county and in none of the heavier populated cities of the county. I know a few in my town that have had it.
Lately I have been going through seeds to try and decide what will go in the ground for fall. It's a great thing to live in this region and be able to have extended planting and I am experimenting with what will do well in pots in the greenhouse. I have until November to get the holes in the greenhouse fixed.
I also have been growing avocado plants in the greenhouse. I have to look up more on those to see if they have to permanently live in there or not but so far they are doing wonderful!


Marica said...

Avocado, you say? Let me know how that works out. I, too, am thinking through my seed collection. I'll have to plant everything in pots, though. Just not going to dig up a garden at a rental place when ... are you ready, Aggie?... we will be moving to our farm in a couple of months! Woohoo!! Back to gardening-- a potted veggie garden is fun, easy & pretty. How big is your greenhouse?

Worn Out said...

Great!!!!! My greenhouse is about 8'X 8'. I had a few tomato plants in there over last winter. Did you unload the old place?

Marica said...

Contract in on the old place, too! We accepted, now are crossing our fingers the inspection etc. goes well.

Worn Out said...

Sounds good, I'll cross my fingers too!

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