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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Popular Mechanics Survival Issue

I bought this yesterday. That is what happens when people let me wander into the magazine and/or book aisles. Most women I know would wander away with Cosmo or something lol. O.k. back on subject now, dh's thoughts on this issue was don't waste your money. He got to look at it first so later on last night I took a good read into it. Some of the articles are short and cover back ups for your gadgets. One of the articles briefly mentions ham radios.
There is a larger article, on Urban Homesteaders which covers a community planting and having animals in vacant lot, along with an off the grid community still going since the 70's.
If interested some of it is online here.


Preparedness Pro said...

Yes I saw this in a friend's living room also! How was the article on the ham radio?


Worn Out said...

The article wasn't on ham radio, it was a mention at the end of the article of where to learn about it and that it was recommended. It also recommended getting a hand held cb radio also. It wasn't a bad issue but I think it could have been a lot more.

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