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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes you just have to be thankful.

It seems that the world has just gone crazy some days. Just walking outside can give you cause to be thankful though:

I don't know what these are called but the birds plant these for us. They are beautiful.

This is my lemon tree. It was planted here by the original owners of the house quite a while ago. Usually we might get a lemon or two but this year I put extra effort and it blossomed twice this year and the geckos love running around in it. I have over 40 lemons on it now.

Here are the two avocado trees I planted in the greenhouse. I am extremely thankful that they sprung up after three months of watering dirt, specially since my husband said they wouldn't grow.

This is obviously not my picture but the best gift today was the Blue Birds of Happiness starting their migratory path and came into my yard this morning.


Ken said...

...mornin' Worn Out...our neighbor calls the flowers in yer first pic 'naked ladies'(?)...the Mrs loves'em,won't let me cut the grass when they're blooming...have to admit,the ponds of pink in my ocean of green,is kinda cool...we got a bunch this year...

Marica said...

Amalyllis belladona, I think. I'm not familiar with this color, but we call them naked ladies, too. The foliage comes up in the spring-- looks a lot like daffodil foliage-- then dies back, about the daffodils do. Then poof! Here come the naked ladies popping up months later!


Worn Out said...

Thank you Ken, I kept thinking painted ladies but knew that was wrong. Not sure if you are getting a lot of rain like we are, that doesn't help the mowing situation either.
Marica, now I have to remember Amalyllis Belladona and I can't even remember naked ladies lol. How's the process going? Have any fingernails left?

Marica said...

Going well. They are doing the stake survey today & tomorrow. We've now walked or driven almost all of the property. Wow. Just wow.

About this rain-- is this typical for this time of year? Cause the grass is abut 2' high at this little place we're renting. We bought a used mower, but the next day it started to rain, That was like, what? maybe two weeks ago? I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhogs Day.

Worn Out said...

Pretty much. We get a lot of rain the end of August through September. I put in a new clothes line in over a month ago and I haven't gotten to use it yet.

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