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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Warning

We are getting a warning this week that fall is on the way. It is cool, sunny and beautiful. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons maybe more so now that it is the shortest seasons in the south. This week makes me think my neighbors were right when they said an earlier, colder, winter this year. We usually don't get our cold weather warning for another two weeks. I closed up the north and south sides of the greenhouse and now I'm thinking I don't have another two weeks to get things in the ground, maybe a week at best so I have to get myself in gear this week. Repairs still weren't made on the greenhouse but I will make do with boards if it isn't done by November. Next week will be the do all week since it will go up into the 80's. We haven't been as rainy the last two days so I might be able to try that clothesline out yet. I hope you know that I am the one that brought on all the rain, yep, happened everytime I opened up the clothesline lol. Have a great weekend everyone!


Ken said...

...woke up at about 6:30 to a porch thermometer reading at 32 degrees...lol,the weather is slappin' us around here in the north east part of the state

...at least it aint rainin today,i feel like Noah up here...

Worn Out said...

LOL we have webbed feet now down here. We have no call for rain until Thursday, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Worn Out,

I joined the APN today but have been following information everyone has been posting for a while. We live in central miss. and can't seem to find anyone around here who is prepping. We wanted to get in touch with some local folks. I set up my id with APN as "feather not dot". Would like to hear back when it is convenient for you.

Worn Out said...

Glad to have you at the APN. We are a bit scattered throughout the state. I hear form different people on and off through email but since interest is picking up maybe I can make this a more organized state effort.

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