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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey y’all!

(Aggie-- I finally figured it out.)

Let me first say that it is indeed good to be back in the South!

Aggie gave me a nice introduction the other day, but I thought I post a bit of “about me” so we can get to know each other. As Aggie said, we’ve just recently moved to north east Mississippi from Cincinnati. The key point is that we moved from, but we are not from, Ohio! (Not that there’s anything wrong with Ohio-- there are some great folks there.) DH (John) is from east Texas, and I spent my “formative” years (those would be the years I had and raised three GRITS) in eastern North Carolina. A career move took us to Cincinnati about nine years ago. Cincy is a great place, we had a wonderful house on 1/2 acre on the fringe of Northside, Cincinnati’s “eclectic “neighborhood. (We called our house the “Compound”-- that should give you a feel for the place.) We collected a lot of like-minded friends, and I like to think we may have influenced some folk along the way. But for Southerners, and especially this Southerner who’s a hard-core gardener, those never-ending grey Cincinnati winter skies were wearing thin. We had an opportunity, we snagged it, and here we are!

I’m a vegetable farmer. (John’s a cook, among other things). So like Aggie, many-- but not all-- of my posts here at Mississippi Preppers will probably be about gardening and feeding yourself & your family. (I had a small business in Cincinnati where I taught people to grow vegetable gardens and to preserve their harvests.) I’m also a huge Second Amendment advocate; I wrote recently on the virtue of open-carry. I like (most of) the US Constitution. My other interests include old books (which I can tie into prepping), biostatistics (not so easy to connect to prepping except when I’m calculating the probability of SHTF), some philosophical issues (what’s the nature of self-reliance?), fishing, writing, &c.

We closed last week on a 60 acre farm. This is a dream come true for us. We lost a bit of ground prepping this summer because of all that’s associated with selling & buying houses and property-- including traveling back & forth, and doing some renovations to the Compound. But we’ll get things up to speed and make up ground here soon. For us this move is the ultimate in preparing and becoming as self-reliant as we can be. So it will be worth not having grown any winter squash this year.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here. I’m sure as we settle in I’ll have questions for all y’all, and I hope I have some answers, too!

Take care.


American Trucker said...

Glad you made it...Did you find out why you couldn't log on?

Marica said...

Yeah-- it was a "duh" moment. I have more than one gmail account. Ohio & APN is under one, MS under another. As I said: "Duh."

Kymber said...

i am sooo freakin jealous!!! both of you working on the same network - not fair!!!

would either of you fantastic ladies consider moving to Canada???

Marica said...

LOL. Speaking for myself, no thank you, Ma'am! Canada is a nice place to visit (and I have) but I wouldn't want to live there. Too cold. Growing season too short. And funny accents! :-) And besides, you've got Canada totally under control!

Worn Out said...

Great post Marica! LOL Kymber, thanks for the invite but I don't think DH would go for it.

Kymber said...

Ladies - the offer from "Canada" will always be there! and i am trying very hard not to be jealous about the fact that you are both on the same network...needless to say - i have come to know and expect that the Miss. Preppers Network is a great place for prepping info - now i expect even more!

Ladies - do your thing! i will direct many Canadians here as the Miss. Preppers Network is always so full of great info!

Marica said...

Thanks, Kymber! Nothing like a bit of high pressure with morning coffee. :-)

Worn Out said...

Oh boy, more pressure LOL.

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