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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calling all Mississippi Preppers and the Garden is IN

I was wondering if y'all would be interested in meeting up with, by email with other preppers in or about your area. We are a little scattered throughout the state and it would not have to be done publicly on the prepper blog. You can email me your town and I could try to put you in touch with a nearby prepper. This will be through email only and you can decide if you want to meet in person or not. This will only work if you check in with your location and you can do that by dropping me a line at aggie8899@yahoo.com. The only thing that would be exchanged is email not your actual location. I've been getting emails and comments asking about other preppers in the state so I'm offering. I am hoping to eventually have enough interest for a Mississippi Prepper meet up in the future. Again strictly up to you all.

On another note, the fall garden is in. I wanted to plant two beds but I feel lucky I have one in. Next spring we might be getting another large garden to work in on a neighbors lot. That will be nice because it already has a water line put in. We have broccoli, kale, cabbage and lettuce in and I have chives in the windowsill. If I see some promising plants along the way this week I might stick some more in.

I would also like to thank Marica for coming on board and posting so quick when she has enough to do after her move.


Marica said...

This will be a long-ish comment, 'cause the post is choke full of good stuff.

1) Where did you find that picture? It's awesome.

2) Will be sending you the info you need to hook us up with fellow preppers in NE MS.

3) When things settle down here, we will have a MPN meetup here at Farther Along Farm. Most likely it will be this coming Spring (unless of course y'all want to volunteer to unpack boxes, put up gutters, fix broken parquet floors, ... in which case, come ahead!). We could make it a weekend event. Our goal is to be able to eventually acommodate (gave up trying to spell this correctly) about a dozen people or more before we have to set up tents. And now that I'm actually writing this-- we should think about this seriously. We could make it a 'retreat' of sorts where folks could give mini-presentations about different aspects of prepping... . Thinking out loud here, but what do you all think? If we take the fall & winter to get to know one another, a Spring Prepping Conference (!?!) might be fun. John has already volunteered to talk about all manner of preserving, canning, etc.

4) You lucky dawg, you. A fall garden! I am planting micro-greens this week come hell or high water. I am having scale issues. I know how to fix poor soil-- spade, compost, manure, straw-- and grow things. But it would take me like two years to spade up the space I want for a mega-veggie garden. And we don't have a tractor yet. Any fellow NE MS preppers out there who want to help a fellow out?? LOL.

Anonymous said...


I just joined the APN today and sent out a message that we are looking for other like minded people prepping in MS. We haven't found anyone in our central MS area that is making preprations for things to come. I had requested to another prepper for some help in getting in touch with other people locally. Your post was a prayer answered. Thanks. I don't know how to get around in these "sites" yet and am having a bit of a problem getting things working. We, my husband and myself, would be interested in corresponding with other preppers in MS. I was going to use prepper name - feather not dot. (Funny story behind that). Look forward to hearing more.

Feather not dot

Marica said...

Welcome, Feather not dot! We're going to want to hear that story someday!!

Worn Out said...

I do know we have a couple in central MS. It might be a while before they get caught up in reading. I am also interested in the Feather not dot story!
Marica, I googled broccoli and found the picture lol. A spring prepper meetup sounds good! As more people contact me I will put them down and see where we are at. So far it's two but don't be discouraged.

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