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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A pinch of this and a dash of that....

My thanks to Marica for all of her posts, I'm waiting too on the Christmas ideas and have been working on few of my own here. Between finishing off league football, (finally over yeah!), and being taking down by a URI, I am trying to get back on the ball. I am still working on prepper hookups and I have one person for each person who responded so far so if you are out there and want to check in please do so.
What are your traditions for Thanksgiving if you celebrate? I'd love to hear them even if you have downsized over the years. What's on the menu?
Today I will brine the turkey and bake the pies. Pies vary, this year will be pumpkin and tart cherry. We also will be having yams, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing and, of course, cranberries. This year is just my immediate family. In the morning, after Tom is taking care of, usually finds us on the phone with family and friends since we are so far away from them. Then we make our rounds through the neighborhood since our neighbors are out smoking or deep frying their turkeys as well. Some times we bring appetizers over but usually if someone is making something different we all want to try we send out a sample plate and/or receive one as well. I usually send out some homemade canned relish or sweet jalapenos.
For my Dad in NY, they usually have one person in the building cook the bird and everyone brings a side dish in a community Thanksgiving. After the holiday is what to make out of leftovers and get ready for Christmas baking. I am hoping my in laws will be here for Christmas. Of course that means finishing up homemade gifts!! I also have two deer waiting to be brought down. In case you don't know what to do with a deer here are some options:

Well isn't' that just like me! I start off talking turkey and end up with deer on the brain. Just can't beat under a dollar a pound for ground meat though LOL. Hope you all are having a good one today!


Marica said...

Yes indeed, girl, the more I get to know you, the more this sounds just like you. And before I forget, want you to know you're welcome to come up here & do a spot of hunting. If you're hunting on public lands down in you part of the state, the rules are different on private land. Better.

We are going to have a quiet Thanksgiving, giving thanks for just being here in Mississippi.

John is smoking a small bird; it's official menu name is "Peach Smoked Turkey (over pecan)". He'll also make Volcano Potatoes, Vegetable Casserole, and Pumpkin Custard Pie with homemade crust.

While the turkey is smoking, I'll bake a couple of loaves of sour bread (this is an excellent no-yeast bread, but you wouldn't believe it didn't have yeast). It will be perfect for turkey sandwiches on Sinkie Day.

And referring to John's menu (that he posts on the fridge), I see we are having Turkey Hominy Casserole on Saturday. And John will be making and freezing turkey stock, which will be used for turkey gumbo when my in-laws arrive in a couple of weeks.

I love the idea of wandering around the neighborhood sampling others' bounty! What a great idea!

Ken said...

...HappyTurkeyDay folks...usual table fare here,although were cookin' an additional breast,not due to company,i'm gonna try to keep the whole bird for stock/soups and 'leftover' meals...

...i would also like to have a neighborhood potluck thing...that sounds kinda cool...

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