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Friday, November 6, 2009

Prepping for winter, & other things

So I thought I'd spend a few minutes wandering around seeing what my new neighbors are up to. Here's what I've learned.

Prepared in Tennessee (what is it about all of these double-vowel/consonants state names that make me want to hum songs?) has a nice post about preparing for winter, and evaluating where you stand. Lots of good info.

Over in Louisiana, Rhino is experiencing what I'm going to call the mature Preppers' ultimate what-if: what if your grown kid comes back? There's been a lot of discussion on the APN forum about this hypothetical situation. Rhino's post makes it real.

In Alabama, one of the subjects is cheap, fold-up tow-able cabins.

Folded, it is a mere 7 feet wide by 21 feet long, so it can be towed anywhere without special permits, by any pickup truck or SUV. But upon arrival at the desired location, it folds out to a spacious 15 by 21 feet. A couple of people can set it up in a very short time. And once set up, it looks like a cabin, not a trailer. Sounds good? Wait 'til you hear the price: this little wonder can be built in a typical suburban backyard, for about $3000! And that's if you use all new materials. Anything you can scrounge or buy used will reduce the price accordingly. It it not out of the question that it could be built for under 500 bucks.
And here in northeast Mississippi, life goes on unpacking boxes. Remember to reply to Aggie's post about meeting up. Doesn't have to be anything "official"-- just some neighbors getting to know one another.

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