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Friday, November 6, 2009

Read the bill

Worn out-- Aggie-- is the moderator of this site. Although she gave me as much access to the site as she has, in my mind, she's *the* site administrator, and I follow her rules. As the former moderator of Ohio Preppers Network, I tried to keep politics out of that site, except to post information about legislative issues that might affect the interests of preppers. So no political rants, just links to info that people could evaluate. Aggie does the same. I hope I am not breaking the rules with this post.

Here's a link: Open Congress.

And here's my opinion. I can take care of my own health, thank you very much. (Pardon me while I light up to support local tobacco growers.)

The vote on HR 3200 (socialized health care) or one of its incarnations is coming soon. The link will direct you contact info for your Rep.

There was a discussion a couple of months ago on whether or not prepping = activism. I voted yes. What we do as peppers is not done in a politically void context. Don't get me started on Monsanto.

1 comment:

Worn Out said...

No Ma'am, you are right on target. I do give in to rants now and then though I try not to. A great flick to rent when it comes to food (and Monsanto) is Food, Inc. Also Dirt is a good one.

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