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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why did you start?

Some of you have already heard my story on how I started but I will try to post the short version. It started out 20 years ago as a single parent living in Queens, NY in an apartment. I learned to stockpile food and when I moved to Connecticut I branched out until I moved to Mississippi, which was about 10 years ago. That was the first time I had my own yard. I read everything I could get my hands on. I devoured the early editions of Mother Earth News from swap meets and yard sales then moved on from there. Food was the easiest thing for me to start with and at the start I did it for economical reasons rather than self-sufficient/survival reasons but that was to follow shortly. My Dad would take us once or twice a year to do a huge bulk food shop and after putting thing away he would smile and say with all this food I feel rich. That is probably where I get it from. Dad still lives in NY and with coupons and his power scooter he zips off to the market to fill his basket and stock up his supplies.

So, why and how did you start? Or, why do you want to?


Marica said...

That is one awesome photograph! And it makes be feel good and bad at the same time.

Why and how did I start? That depends on what you mean by "start." I've tried to put my finger on *when* I started, but that depends on which aspect of prepping I'm talking about. In retrospect, I can trace some of it back to high school and learning to sew, then putting that to work when the the girls were little, so they could have beautiful dresses what I otherwise couldn't have afforded.

Then there's the gardening.. which I just love to do anyway and have been doing all my life. Then there's the wine making which got started when we lived in the Shenandoah Valley and got into wine tasting and we just wanted to see if we could use old Czech recipes like John's ancestors did to do it ourselves. Then there's bread-baking... .

Two events really tied all of these and more together for us, and that's when we discovered we had already begun being preppers, and we needed to focus in. Both these happened early the same year. First, we doing the weekly grocery shopping (which is based on a planned weekly menu), and yellow squash was on the list. It was February. There was no fresh yellow squash. O.k. Zucchini? Nope. Well then we'll use frozen. None. NONE! There was no squash in the store. This really ticked me off because I do not like the idea of someone dictating what I am and am not going to eat. And mind you, this was a very large Kroger in Cincinnati. (Go Bearcats!) Shortly after this event, limes, lemons, green peppers all taken off the shelves. Remember the sewer water irrigation thing?

Enough is enough. I mean, squash is one thing, but green peppers?? That's the year I dug up my 1000 sq. ft. front yard and put in a very serious garden.

The rest is history.

So that's the long answer. The short answer is we want to be in control of our own lives.

Anonymous said...

The reason we started preparing: I lost my father 3 year ago in December. He was a very devout Christian and a great man, I miss him very much!! While sitting with him while he was dying he told me about my son becoming a "mighty man for Christ and he would lead a lot of people to Christ. and a few other things about him. Well my son is a tow boat pilot, not quite the lifestyle that leads people to Christ. And he only occasionally attended church.

In the month of Feb. after my father passed away my son told me that he had been called by God to become a preacher. Boy was I blown away!! Anyway, my son has told me things before they happen to do, and sure enough these things are happening as he says. So...he has advised us to prepare for things to come when our economy collapses. He is still on the boat but is studying in ernest to become a preacher, an evanglist type preacher. So I know from listening to him and from what my dad told me about my son that he is led by our Lord and I feel very strongly that I should listen to what he has to say (Like E F Hutton LOL). We are coming along pretty well with things. Right now hubby and youngest son are in process of getting our greenhouse put up!! I'M excited and want to get things going in there. Still learning and catching up. Like that duck on the pond looking calm and happy but underwater paddling like MAD.

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