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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

After a beautiful day yesterday, it feels as if the bottom has dropped out today. It certainly has been a week for crazy weather between rain, flooding, sunny and now cold to be followed by rainy and cold. I'd feel a little better if we had gas heat and hot water but no such luck, everything is electric. And, as some of you on the coast know, electric has been going up in leaps and bounds since Katrina. Not only that but after the hurricane most areas have been "reassessed" so property taxes are getting a bit rediculous also.
What are your best money saving tips for keeping warm and not supporting your local utility company. We do have a fireplace, if you can call it that, it's lined not all brick. I would love a woodstove. To our credit we have yet to put the heat on, there is always extra clothes and blankets but the time will be coming soon!

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