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Friday, December 11, 2009

Couldn't Hurt

I was out running errands the other day and I had Glen Beck on the radio. Now there are many people who aren't fans of Glen Beck, he is very flamboyant when trying to get his point across, but I like to hear someone national reinforce what we have been doing here on the network all along. Glen Beck feels that we will be heading towards a depression worse than the great depression. That being said, his tips for Americans are:

Get out of debt
Keep a food pantry (the direct quote is "fruit cellar")
Learn to sew and repair everything you can
Don't spend if you don't have to
Becareful in what you invest in, whether it be in stocks, food or equipment

In short, rely on yourself.
His closing was this: If he is wrong, he hopes he is and so do I, what is the worst that can happen from doing the above?? All of you know this from Y2K.


American Prepper said...

I'd have to agree with Getting out of debt being number 1 on my list too

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great tips, and a great picture!

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