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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Hate Shopping

I confess this freely, I do hate shopping. Food and necessities are a different story but everything else....forget it. I am a miserable person when it comes to that and I try to do some, if not most of it online. You will not see me out on a black Friday and I am ever thankful for my husband that when the lines are long and obnoxious individuals try my patience he sends me out of the store and handles it. Can you tell I have to finish up my Christmas shopping? LOL
I love to make gifts and have a bunch to finish up. My youngest is not as superficial as his older siblings and thankfully the oldest ones I get away with stocking stuffers and cash. I was in the stores before thanksgiving and kept getting the wink and a nod from the cashiers followed by "I'm not supposed to tell you this but on Friday...." Not on your life sister, I don't care if you are giving it away.
I try to keep Christmas cheer in my heart as I plod through my shopping but that wanes quickly. Hmmm...the tree has been sitting in it's box for the last three days in the middle of the living room. Maybe when the kids get home and some Christmas music it might make it up tonight....


Marica said...

Amen to that. I despise shopping. I avoid it at every turn. You're right, shopping for food and necessities is a different story. I went prep shopping at a little grocery store yesterday and actually enjoyed it. But I also was in Lowes* & a largish Kroger. Had to call John while in the Kroger just regain my sanity.

On the other hand, we try to not do too much on-line shopping-- been there, done that-- will probably do some, but not the majority. So Christmas shopping is a problem. But I solved it a few years ago.

Solution? Support Main Street-- you know, those little Mom & Pop stores that actually appreciate your business.

*Just so you know I'm not really a hypocrite,we blew it and didn't realize there was an appliance store in our little town, so we we bought a stove, fridge & deep freeze at Lowes. They screwed up royally. We wound up getting $2600 worth of stuff for $2000. Leaving us $600 on a gift card. Otherwise, I would not have been in Lowes. Honest.

Worn Out said...

I usually go to the smaller shops in the area and we do actively boycott wallyworld but I did go this year. I think I average about 1 wallyworld trip a year.

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