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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teach a man to fish...

The longer I am into this, I still get surprised by somethings. I was on a liberal publication website reading a story about having Christmas without presents (can you tell I'm not over Christmas shopping yet?) and I clicked on other articles and of course other links until I couldn't figure out where I started from (sometimes I get lost driving around the block too lol). Anyway, I ran across a challenge to consumers of a forum to NOT go grocery shopping for a week. My immediate thought was, o.k. big deal! Then I read the responses. My gosh, you would have thought you asked people to chop off their heads! The set up for this challenge was not to waste leftovers. Overall it was a good challenge considering the audience it was catering too. Some of the responses from the twenty something crowd were understandable but I thought the older crowd shouldn't have been so aghast.
I do throw out more leftovers than I would like sometimes and I do need to get that taken care of right after dinner than wait. I posted the mystery soup bucket previously here.
And with my addiction to old cookbooks I found a nice one that deals with leftovers. My post on this book here is on my other blog that I am still rearranging and adding to so please excuse the mess.
I did get a chuckle out of reading the forum I was on though and it was way beyond teaching a man to fish, it was more like someone was waiting to drop a fish in the bowl up on top.

1 comment:

Marica said...

This sort of thing cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. An attorney/account we know shared the following: A well-to-do, not young couple was seeking his financial advise. He got them to track expenditures for three months, and he examined it with them. Huge clothing budget-- basically she bought a new wardrobe every quarter. Want to save some $$ ?? Take your clothes to the dry cleaners.


It's amazing some people manage to make it through the day, isn't it? Thanks for the chuckle!

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