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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

To my fellow Preppers:

May your pantry be full
May your guns always be loaded
May your BOBs always be ready to go
May you always be secure in the knowledge that you are prepared and are
able to see youself and your family through whatever life throws at you.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Positively naked

Greetings from NYC! Just stopping in to say I feel positively naked here without my gun. Where would I potentially need it more? NE Mississippi (last murder in my county was in, like, 2005 I think)? OR NYC (last murder was, like, oh... I bet within the last 24 hours; 461 to date)?

I do believe Aggie will have more on this soon! Anxious to see it.

Meanwhile, I'll be traveling the next few days (driving, you couldn't get me on a plane if you paid me). So here's wishing you & yours a very Happy New Year! (Resolve to get your concealed carry license this year.)

Stay safe!

Extra, Extra!

We are mainstream now! Check out the APN for the Newsweek article and video. Great job!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"They are going to test this guy...."

The title was a quote from our Vice President regarding our currant President. Are they testing him? Well sure they are! The terrorists aren't the only ones but are the ones who are being more direct. Currently there is the flight to Detroit that a terrorist tried to blow up. AP article is here. I am not sure how they will be able to say this was a random thing considering his name has popped up on a data base earlier. God Bless our fellow Americans who were on that plane and responded to what was going on and foiled yet another attack on U.S. soil. They are heroes and provided us as a country with a Christmas miracle of displaying true American spirit.
Thank you my fellow Preppers for your Christmas wishes also! I am grateful to be in the company of such caring, knowledgeable people.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! If you are traveling, stay safe and if you are having visitors, stay sane! Most of all try to stay healthy. Right now my Christmas wish is for "our" government to remember how and why our country was founded. The news this morning points otherwise though..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prepping goes mainstream

From Survival Blog. Is it just me, or are we seeing a lot more of this lately?

Letter Re: Gerald Celente Predicts Survivalism Will Go Mainstream in 2010

James Wesley:
The often-quoted prognosticator Gerald Celente (of The Trends Research Institute) is predicting that the Survivalist movement will go mainstream next year. In a recent issue of The Trends Journal, he wrote:
"Back in the Cold War days, survivalism meant building a bomb shelter and stocking it with enough food to outlast nuclear fallout.
In the late 1970’s, with inflation soaring, Iran raging, and gold and oil prices skyrocketing, survival meant cashing out of paper money and heading for the hills with enough ammunition and pork & beans to wait out the economic and political storms.

In 2000, the Y2K crowd – the most recent breed of survivalists – expecting computer clocks to crash, infrastructure to break down and the world to go dark, were armed and barricaded with enough food to feed an army and enough ammunition to hold one off.

In 2010, survivalism will go mainstream. Unemployed or fearing it, foreclosed or nearing it, pensions lost and savings gone … all sorts of folk who once believed in the system, having witnessed its battering, have lost their faith.

The realities of failing financial institutions, degrading infrastructure, manipulated marketplaces, soaring energy costs, widening wars, and terror consequences have created a new breed of survivalist. Motivated not by worst-case scenario fears but by do-or-die necessity, the new non-believers, unwilling to go under or live on the streets, will devise ingenious stratagems to beat the system, get off the grid (as much as possible), and stay under the radar."

Well, it seems every good social movement deserves its day, and we are finally getting ours. Let's just hope that we don't get tarred with the same brush as the assorted Neo-Nazi/Skinhead/Racist/KKK/Anti-Semite fringe element types, as well as the relative handful of "Gray Aliens Abducted My Baby" types and "Its the End of the Mayan Calendar" Mystics. Knowing the tendencies of the Mainstream Media, they probably will try do do precisely that, by interviewing a few way-out-there whackos, and then attempting to portray them as "typical" survivalists. Lord help us. - Hal F.

H/T Matt at Kentucky Preppers Network. As Matt posts at KYPN-- Celente seems to be referring more to prepping than to the survival movement. But hey-- call us what you want. Just don't call us late for supper. Oh. What's that? YOU want US to call you to supper 'cause you failed to prepare? Hummm.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Couldn't Hurt

I was out running errands the other day and I had Glen Beck on the radio. Now there are many people who aren't fans of Glen Beck, he is very flamboyant when trying to get his point across, but I like to hear someone national reinforce what we have been doing here on the network all along. Glen Beck feels that we will be heading towards a depression worse than the great depression. That being said, his tips for Americans are:

Get out of debt
Keep a food pantry (the direct quote is "fruit cellar")
Learn to sew and repair everything you can
Don't spend if you don't have to
Becareful in what you invest in, whether it be in stocks, food or equipment

In short, rely on yourself.
His closing was this: If he is wrong, he hopes he is and so do I, what is the worst that can happen from doing the above?? All of you know this from Y2K.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

After a beautiful day yesterday, it feels as if the bottom has dropped out today. It certainly has been a week for crazy weather between rain, flooding, sunny and now cold to be followed by rainy and cold. I'd feel a little better if we had gas heat and hot water but no such luck, everything is electric. And, as some of you on the coast know, electric has been going up in leaps and bounds since Katrina. Not only that but after the hurricane most areas have been "reassessed" so property taxes are getting a bit rediculous also.
What are your best money saving tips for keeping warm and not supporting your local utility company. We do have a fireplace, if you can call it that, it's lined not all brick. I would love a woodstove. To our credit we have yet to put the heat on, there is always extra clothes and blankets but the time will be coming soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit the APN main site.

The APN main site is giving away survival seeds. To enter make a comment on their post here. Good Luck!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teach a man to fish...

The longer I am into this, I still get surprised by somethings. I was on a liberal publication website reading a story about having Christmas without presents (can you tell I'm not over Christmas shopping yet?) and I clicked on other articles and of course other links until I couldn't figure out where I started from (sometimes I get lost driving around the block too lol). Anyway, I ran across a challenge to consumers of a forum to NOT go grocery shopping for a week. My immediate thought was, o.k. big deal! Then I read the responses. My gosh, you would have thought you asked people to chop off their heads! The set up for this challenge was not to waste leftovers. Overall it was a good challenge considering the audience it was catering too. Some of the responses from the twenty something crowd were understandable but I thought the older crowd shouldn't have been so aghast.
I do throw out more leftovers than I would like sometimes and I do need to get that taken care of right after dinner than wait. I posted the mystery soup bucket previously here.
And with my addiction to old cookbooks I found a nice one that deals with leftovers. My post on this book here is on my other blog that I am still rearranging and adding to so please excuse the mess.
I did get a chuckle out of reading the forum I was on though and it was way beyond teaching a man to fish, it was more like someone was waiting to drop a fish in the bowl up on top.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Hate Shopping

I confess this freely, I do hate shopping. Food and necessities are a different story but everything else....forget it. I am a miserable person when it comes to that and I try to do some, if not most of it online. You will not see me out on a black Friday and I am ever thankful for my husband that when the lines are long and obnoxious individuals try my patience he sends me out of the store and handles it. Can you tell I have to finish up my Christmas shopping? LOL
I love to make gifts and have a bunch to finish up. My youngest is not as superficial as his older siblings and thankfully the oldest ones I get away with stocking stuffers and cash. I was in the stores before thanksgiving and kept getting the wink and a nod from the cashiers followed by "I'm not supposed to tell you this but on Friday...." Not on your life sister, I don't care if you are giving it away.
I try to keep Christmas cheer in my heart as I plod through my shopping but that wanes quickly. Hmmm...the tree has been sitting in it's box for the last three days in the middle of the living room. Maybe when the kids get home and some Christmas music it might make it up tonight....
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