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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bare basics on guns

Hand guns:

Bottom right is a semi-automatic handgun. You load a clip with the bullets and snap it into the handle. You cock it once, pull the top back and you can unload the whole clip of bullets.

Top left is a revolver. You load the bullets into the barrel, cock the gun and fire. You cock the gun for every shot.

Which would I pick for the first time gun owner? A revolver. It's easier to clean, easier to shoot and more accurate, you also don't have to worry about bullets jamming. The downside? If you are going to carry, it's a little harder to conceal.


A shotgun has a wider barrel and a front sight. It takes large bullets which are little metal balls(bbs) in a shell. When you shoot all those little balls become projectiles which do a lot of damage. The picture I am showing has a pump at the bottom of the gun which you will need to pump before you shoot. Some have a handle at the bottom that you cock before you shoot. This is a single barrel shot gun which means you have one shot before you have to reload and double you have two.
Shotguns are for shorter range shooting.


Rifles have a more narrow barrel and have a front sight and a rear sight. They carry bullets that do not have projectiles so what you are shooting will be 1 shot= 1 bullet vs. a shotgun which is 1 shot= multiple projectiles. Rifles are for longer range shooting.

To start off with, for the average home, a single or double barrel shotgun would be just fine.

What is a caliber? A caliber is the diameter of the inside of a round cylinder. It is measured by thousands of an inch or millimeters. A 22 caliber is a .22 caliber which is a small gun with a small bullet. In comparison, Dirty Harry's gun was a .44 caliber, big gun big bullets. Same thing with millimeter the higher the number the bigger the gun and bullets. What size should you get? Well that depends what you can shoot comfortably. This is the area where people second guess themselves if they should even own a gun because now you have to think about actually shooting a person.
A low caliber, .22 or .25, even with good aim will probably require more than one shot to disable or kill. That being said no matter what size the gun, stress of a situation and personal reaction will probably dictate you taking more than one shot anyway. Caliber is easier to remember as the higher the number the bigger the hole.

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