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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Castle Doctrine, Reciprocity, Traffic Stops and Codes

You have your gun, you feel you are ready to carry, what else is there to know??
The Castle Doctrine. This gives you the right to defend your Castle(home) and of course the Royal Coach(car). I found a decent explanation on Lawyer Rob's blog here and it will explain this better than I can.
We can then move on to Reciprocity, which is the other states that will honor your concealed carry permit, simply put you can bring your gun. If you are traveling and want to carry and will be in these states (even if driving through to reach another state that honors Mississippi permits) you will need to know each state code on if you have to disclose that you have a weapon or not if stopped by a police officer/state trooper. The states that honor Mississippi permits are:


If your gun is concealed in your car do you have to tell a Mississippi officer that you have one? No. Should you? In all honesty, I can't answer that for you. Some officers may appreciate the fact they were informed and some just won't and could make a simple traffic stop a long, drawn out event. I have heard stories from both sides of the fence. In other states that do allow you to carry, they might have a law that you have to show them your permit and inform them of your carry right up front.
This is the basics on these three issues, as a gun owner you need to be informed on gun laws for your state and how they change.

Codes you need to know:

The Bill of Rights of the Mississippi Constitution:

Section 12. Right to bear arms.

The right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall not be called in question, but the Legislature may regulate or forbid carrying concealed weapons.

To look up the codes relating to firearms you can go here to Mississippi Codes and where you want to look for weapon relate codes is in Title 45 and in Title 97. I would direct link but it will only pull up the main page.


Marica said...

Royal Coach. ROFL. My Royal Coach is fast becoming a pumpkin... .

Seriously. As a US citizen, in a free state like Mississippi, you have a right to keep & bear arms. Although I would challenge the constitutionality of laws regulating that right, they do exist, and it's your responsibility to know what they are.

Aggie-- Any chance you can post links to MS state code regarding open & concealed carry?

Worn Out said...

I edited the post to include the code look up and what titles to go to. Pumpkin you say? Well you still have the right to defend it lol.

Anonymous said...

Aggie and Marica, this series has been awesome. I've learned so much, and I'm feeling slightly less anxious about this:). You've answered SO many questions, so simply and clearly, and I can't thank you enough. This year is the year. Though I didn't say which month:)

Will you also say a little about training and practice resources?

A thousand thanks.

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