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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Concealed Carry

Hope you all made it through lastnight o.k. this week is going to be rough.

Why go through the bother and expense of concealed carry? Because Mississippi does not define open carry and will state in some cases that it is not permitted. But they do define concealed carry, which is to conceal(hide)your gun in whole or in part. Which is how they bust your chops on open carry. For example, you have a gun in it's holster on your hip...open carry? Well, your gun is partially concealed by your holster. So you decide to stick it on your forehead..whatever tape you use and maybe your hair can conceal it..see where I'm going with this? Some places and people are not as uptight as others but there is no clear line. Also once you have a concealed carry permit you can be told you cannot open carry but that is easier considering it will always be partially concealed by a holster or something else.

How do I get a concealed carry permit, well go to the Highway Patrol link here and click on the Firearm Permit Application Package(Individuals). Fill it out and have it notorized.

What is the cost:

The fee for a first time Individual Firearm Permit is $132.00. The permit is valid for four (4) years. About 90 days prior to the permit's expiration date, a renewal package is sent to the permit holder. The renewal fee is $82.00. There is a $15 late fee for expired permits. A permit expired for 6 months or more is deemed permanently expired and the permit holder must reapply. If your driver's liscence still has your social security number on it they are going to make you run to the dmv right after you apply for your permit to get a new one so figure that into your fee and time also.

Where do I go?

To a highway patrol substation. To renew you you can go to any place you go to renew your driver's license provided there is no change to your information on your permit.
You will probably have to take time off work. For locations click here. The days and times are specific, you just can't walk in any old time.

How long does it take to get my permit? About 4 months.

The downside? If you are hinky about an FBI background check and having your prints on file is one. Concealed carry records are a matter of public record is two. And the second one pretty much ticks me off. If I can't do this to someone:

Then the state shouldn't do this to me.

You might be thinking, I just wanted to know how to buy a gun so when are you getting off your soapbox? It's never that easy...


Marica said...

I am by no means a fan of European culture/mindset (although the left-hand fork, right-hand knife thing has always struck me as highly efficient) but I think this is an excellent idea: Every Swiss citizen (male, aged 20 and older) is REQUIRED to keep a firearm in his home.

Read about it here:


Great post, Aggie.

Anonymous said...

Aggie, thanks for this series. You're answering the questions I have clearly and specifically. It's really helpful. I appreciate your research and the encouraging tone of your posts. I hope there's some more to come. Downside: you're taking away my excuses!

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