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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keeping Records and Being Prepared

After the heavy rain this morning, I walked around to view the damage the hard freeze inflicted on the garden. Many of the tropical plants are brown, shriveled messes, I lost the lettuce and kale but the broccoli is in and pulled. The cabbage is still wonderful and going strong. Almost everything in the greenhouse is dead and the lemon tree is hanging on by a thread. Notes were made as to the weather and how much I was not prepared for 16 degree temperatures. If you remember last year, Christmas was the time we had the warm weather we had now and the freeze came in late February early March.
Two things I learned, because I live in the south does not insure me decent winters, and garbage bags are not the best thing to wrap your plants in. Canvas or sheeting would have been better because the only thing trash bags did was to speed up the dying process.
Was I lax? You bet I was! Did I learn more about being prepared? Oh yeah. I slacked off towards the end of the season where I should have doubled my efforts and if we had been in dire straights we would have had a hard time getting by.
So, this is one for my record book, lessons learned the hard way.


Marica said...

What the heck happened?

Marica said...

Did something new happen? Or is this the damaged caused by the cold weather?

bls5 said...

It has been twenty five years since we've had such a freeze. A lot of people were surprisedby this one

Worn Out said...

Nothing new happened just looks more dismal after the rain.

Ken said...

...mornin'...the cold nailed us too...longest spell i've seen here since comin' home,10 yrs plus...busted pipes all over the place

Long Beach said...

Yes, this is the depressing week here too as a lot of things that we weren't sure about after the long freeze are turning up brown and very dead. That's the thing about a lot of tropical and hardy items. They may look fine for a while. Then it warms up and the dead appears.

Aggie, I was too lax as well, not picturing how bad it could be because in my years here it hasn't been anything like this bad. (Echos of the Katrina chorus line isn't it?)

Cloth and canvas didn't do any better here than your garbage bags did. The only thing that was helped by covering up was a few pot covered by some old thick, heavy padded/quilted comforters. Otherwise, even two or three layers of sheets or light blankets was pretty much worthless. We're just not used to what they call a Hard Freeze, even when it freezes. Now we know.

The pruning and replacing and cleanup awaits. I look out at the super-dead 12 foot palm tree right now.

Ah well. At least we live in a place where super hardy palms survive, and we don't own snow shovels :)

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