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Monday, January 11, 2010

Where do I buy my guns?

Along the coast, if you want a new gun Academy Sports has a large selection. I buy mostly from pawn shops, mainly Long Beach Pawn on Pineville Road and Cook's guns in Diberville, on Popps Ferry Road and I've gotten decent guns at decent prices. My advice is to go check out what they have, give it a good look over pull the trigger and hold it in your hand. Is it comfortable? Light enough or heavy enough. Keep in mind once loaded the trigger will be a little harder to pull. Consider the price, usually around $250 and up. In all honesty, I've left the shops, gone home to think about it and looked prices up on the internet to make sure it was a good price then have gone back. You run the risk of the gun not being there but I would rather be sure of my purchase. I would also ask if the gun was one of their pawns or consignment for someone else. Usually they tell you right upfront, the difference being if it's one of theirs they make sure it's clean and if it's a consigned piece it may not be.
When you buy a gun buy bullets, you can do it at the pawnshop, academy sports or online and don't forget about a gun cleaning kit.
Now don't go home stick it in the nightstand and forget about it. You need to shoot and feel comfortable about doing so. I have not tried this place but it doesn't look bad at all, it's the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rifle and Pistol Club. Dues are $200 a year and you have to go through the mandatory safety class first. Wait, that would be $400 a year then for a couple! Not necessarily, one can join because the member is allowed to bring two guests each visit. When you go to the range follow the rules, also be serious, this isn't a BBQ, covered shoes, no flip flops, ear plugs please and long pants. On the range you can go through a box of bullets pretty quick so make sure you have more than one box. Maintain your gun, keep it clean, and ready to go. If you have little ones lock it up. If you shoot on someones land please, please make sure you have plenty of room, a bullet can go a long way. Common sense, that's all.
As for cleaning your gun, if someone can't show you how, YouTube has videos on how to do it, simply type in how to clean a gun. You can also see videos of people shooting different types of guns also.
I hope I provided enough basics to get you started, if not just let me know. And I have a favor to ask, make old Worn Out proud and don't run in and buy a pink gun!


Marica said...

Nice! I would never buy a pink gun so you don't have to worry about me-- I'll make you proud. :-)

Here are a few other tips about this & the last post, and one nit-pick.

Nit-pick: What you load into your gun is not only a bullet. It is cartridge. A cartridge has several components, one of which is the bullet. The bullet is the projectile that leaves the muzzle of the gun. Sorry. It's just that this was drilled into me by a CCW instructor. When it comes to guns, he thought paying attention to details matters. I agree.

Some places that sell guns have on-site ranges, and a selection of popular guns for people to try out. They don't do this for free, but if you are considering buying a $500 gun, it's worth $20 to test-shoot a couple. This is especially true when it comes to similar models from different manufactures. Roil can differ wildly between two revolves that look almost the same.

My own preference for a concealed carry weapon for a woman is a double action snubbed nosed revolver with a recessed hammer. Double action means you do NOT have to cock the hammer (in fact, with a recessed hammer you cannot). Recessed hammer means the ha hammer will never get caught on all that stuff in your purse. Snubbed nosed means it's got a shorter barrel and so is easier to conceal (and lighter, too).

Weight. Weight affects recoil. A lighter gun typically, although not always, has more recoil. New materials have changed this.

New vs. used? For a first gun, I would buy a new one. From what I've heard, and experience, most gun manufacturers have good customer service. As a newbie with a new gun, someone's there to help you if there's a mechanical problem.

My personal preference is the Ruger SP101 .357 2.5" (snub) barrel. It shoots but .38, .38 special, and .357 calibre ammo. This is nice b/c I can practice with the smaller ammo (.38 cheaper), and carry with the bigger (.357).

Anonymous said...

Oh, somehow I missed this post,and you covered training and practice perfectly.

one more question. I hear about 9mm as a good size for a woman/concealed carry. You prefer a .38. Could you comment on why? Less recoil?


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